Japan Trip 2k15

Last month, I went to the wonderful country of Japan (for the very first time)! I instantly fell in love with the country for many reasons. Let me take you with me as I look back on my trip with this blog post!

Day 1: November 18, 2015

I was so worried about today. We left the house really early to avoid traffic and the road-blockings of the APEC. Luckily, we reached the airport on time just as the roads were about to be blocked. I was hoping that since we’re using ANA, we’d get to ride the R2-D2 plane…unfortunately, we didn’t. 😦

We left Manila at around 10 in the morning and arrived in Tokyo at around in the afternoon. We had two hours of waiting time before we needed to ride another plane for Osaka. I was just so wide-eyed, looking around and really not believing that I was in Japan! We looked around the airport while waiting and I saw my love: Tokyo Banana. Oh my gosh, these are so delicious and addicting. I remember when I first tasted it after one of my relatives brought it home as a souvenir. Love at first bite! Anyways, on the first day, we basically just went to the hotel and crashed.

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 2.59.27 PM
( I bought three boxes on the last day, hehe.) [Top to bottom L – R: Original, Caramel, and Banana Shake] Original is still the best!

(We went to the 7-11 and Family Mart before we crashed, and everything is amazing there. I bought some milk and bread for breakfast, and went back to the hotel – which took less than five minutes of walking.)

Day 2: December 19, 2015

We left our hotel quite early to head to Kyoto to see the Autumn foliage. We rode the train to the Hankyu Arashiyama Station.



From there, we walked for a while until we reached the Arashiyama Bamboo Groves. I was speechless at the bamboo garden (and secretly wished for pandas to appear). The air was so crisp and cold, and it was honestly so refreshing as the Philippines is a ‘summer country’ almost all the time.


Next, we went to thgardens/templeses and looked around.

(Tada! That’s whom I went with (L-R): my uncle’s mom, my grandma, me, my aunt, my two cousins, and my uncle.)
The view is just beautiful – undisturbed. It’s all so breathtaking.


This reminded me a lot of Ozu’s Tokyo Story. (It’s a good film, please try to watch it! It’s in YouTube.)
Of course, I threw a coin in as well.


I absolutely love the vending machines here. And I love Kirin’s Kandy milk tea – especially when warm!


Next, we had lunch at Togetsu-tei. I had the Tamate Magical Bento Box!

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 11.06.14 PM

Later, in the late afternoon, we headed to Tokyu Hands (oh my gosh, hoarder’s galore). I went to the Pokèmon Center and the Tomica store. Unfortunately, I was not able to grab a photo of the Pokèmon Center as I was in a hurry. I bought a R2-D2 Tomica car in the Tomica store though.

For dinner we went to a nearby restaurant and had authentic ramen and gyoza with a side of Japanese rice (my favorite rice). After a long day, we slept early.

Day 3: November 20, 2015

Oh my gosh. What a day! We went to Universal Studios – Japan today!

This is me, in front of the Universal globe! [Fair warning: awkward photos to follow after this post – HAHA]

The highlight of Universal for me (aside from the really fun rides) was Snoopy Studios and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (RAVENCLAW PRIDE!). We first went around and used our Fastpass for a few rides.

Here’s a photo of my cousins and I!

We went around for a while and eventually ended up in Snoopy Studios! I absolutely love Peanuts / Snoopy and it’s just like Heaven on earth (for Snoopy hehe) here!

This is what I ordered at the Snoopy Cafè. Inside the container was rice with vegetables, hamburger, tempura, and cheese (if I remember correctly). The set meal came with fries and a drink, too. The best part was that you get to keep the container once you’re done eating! The food is sooo good.
Close-up photo

So after eating, we went around for a bit inside the Snoopy shop — well, it took us almost an hour…my aunt and I went a little crazy inside as we both love Snoopy.

When I saw this, I was like: “I NEED TO GET ON THIS RIDE”.
…and so I did.

After Snoopy studios, we went to… The Wizarding World of Harry Potter / Hogsmeade!

“Welcome home, Sophie.”
This was in the train station, and I got so excited! (Oh my gosh)
The entrance to the Wizarding World took us a while to find it, but as soon as I entered, I heard the OST of the Harry Potter movie. Nearing Hogsmeade, I saw a replica of the Dursley’s car!
Sneaky photo with the Hogwarts Express heehee
First things first, BUTTERBEER. Oh my gosh, butterbeer is so good. I must come back one day to drink another glass / mug. In the meantime, perhaps a Starbucks replica can do for now.
Here’s the Three Broomsticks behind me. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to eat here as we ate at the Snoopy cafe! 🙂
Of course, I had my eyes on a Ravenclaw scarf so I bought one (along with a Ravenclaw pin and a few other stuff for my friends).
Zonko’s Joke Shop!
Honeydukes! The line was too long, so I didn’t get to go inside. 😦
Nope, that’s not an ice cream cone. It’s a turkey leg and it was so delicious. I am craving for one right now, looking at it! 😦

I also bought a Minion chocolate banana Belgian waffle and (mmmm) it was so good. [Then again, most food is good for me!]

Tastes and smells really good!

We ended our day by watching the Christmas show in the evening.


Later on, we went to the Takoyaki museum and had a good dinner there!




After a long day, we went back to our hotel and had a good night’s sleep!

Day 4: November 21, 2015

Our last full day in Japan — so we made the most out of it! In the morning, we went to the Instant Ramen / Instant Noodles Museum! We made our own instant noodles there and it was so fun and educational to do. (Each personalized cup costs 300 yen.)

Yes…we dropped by Snoopy Town first. Hehe.




We ate lunch at another ramen restaurant, Ippudo, and the ramen and the gyoza was so good!

viber image

In the afternoon, we went to Namba and went shopping in Shinsaibashi. I didn’t take too many photos because I wanted to spend more time looking with my own eyes rather than through the lenses of my phone.

Day 5: November 22, 2015

Well, this is good-bye for now, Japan. I hope to be back soon!

(Funny thing is, I had a 7:30AM class the next day sooo….)


And that was my trip to Japan! 🙂

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