Carousel Creamery + Dohtonbori

Today, I went to my cousin’s house in San Juan and we went food tripping for a while! As the title says, we went to the Carousel Creamery and Dohtonbori !

It’s funny how we ate ice cream first before our dinner, but here’s how today went:

First stop, Carousel Creamery! Luckily, my cousin’s house is about 15 minutes away from here.
So far, 32/ 101 ice creams are available. Can’t wait to come back when they have 101!

I’ve read so many reviews about this place, and they were all good. I’ve been very excited to go there and I must say, my expectations were met. I got really excited (and very happy) when I saw this:


After watching Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens, I’m still in the hype of it (in fact, I was wearing Star Wars socks today, too) so I ordered one of these. Can you guess which one?

I first tried the Java the Hott one as I noticed that the ice cream container for it was nearly empty, it must be such a popular pick. The taste hit me really hard- a splash of coffee and just as the ice cream was melting in my mouth, spices exploded and my taste buds woke up. I guess, they really followed “The Force Awakens”, eh? (HAHAHA)

I tried the Dark Side Chocolate, and it was definitely love at first bite. The richness of the chocolate is so exquisite and I couldn’t help but want more, so that’s what I ordered.

(sorry for the terrible photo, my phone’s camera is really terrible) 😦

I finished the ice cream rather quickly because it was so good. I regret not savoring the taste! 😦

As we were leaving the ice cream place, I saw this!

Luckily, another food place on my “Places to Eat” list was literally inside the same building as the Carousel Creamery.


Again, I’ve read reviews about this Japanese restaurant and what makes it so unique was…

You got to cook your own Okonomiyaki (amongst others)!

I ordered the Pork and Cheese Okonomiyaki and my cousin decided to get the Cheesy Okonomiyaki. Since she was sitting at the corner (and she’s 9 years old), I did the cooking and flipping. Each table has a griddle (is that what it’s called?) and an instruction manual on how to cook what.

First, you are given this. You need to mix the ingredients properly and place some oil on the griddle.


When everything is properly mixed, pour it into the griddle and shape it into a circle – spreading it evenly. Wait for 5 minutes before flipping it, using two spatulas.


Ta-da! (Yey I flipped it successfully without it breaking!) Cook this other side for 5 minutes. Afterwards, flip it again and cook for another five minutes THEN FLIP IT AGAIN.


On your last flip, spread Okonomi sauce, drizzle with Kewpie mayo, and sprinkle on some seaweed and bonito flakes and voilà!


I sliced it into 4 pieces and placed them in plastic containers, ready to take home.

Mmm, can’t wait to go back to both places!








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