My 18th Birthday

So, what else did I miss talking about?

Aside from going to Color Manila Run earlier last month, I celebrated my 18th (yey, legality! I can now sign more documents and join more giveaways) birthday last February 10. I’m the type of girl who would prefer not to have a debut, so instead, I got together some of my closest / best friends and went to my (2nd) favorite mall – Trinoma ❤

I decided that since we’re all girls (yey for girl’s day out) we’d eat somewhere that would scream: “this is very cute and you will feel like a lady eating here” – what better place than the Vanilla Cupcake Bakery?

Unfortunately, I was not able to take much photos (since I do prefer to live in the moment at times rather than take photos of everything) BUT here are some photos from last year when my friends and I ate there:

(L-R): Me, Nicole, Alecca, and Jillian


Their interior is definitely very cozy and cute, which is the perfect place for a get-together with the gals. Their food is delicious and their cupcakes are yummy (though I always order their cake jars instead of cupcakes) plus the price is just right.

Whenever I eat there (last month was my second or third time to really eat from the menu instead of just sweets), I order their bangus ala pobre (or milkfish in English). It’s really good and filling! Their rice has a small taste of sweetness to it, which really adds to the flavor.

(I brought a DSLR this time to take nicer photos HAHA)

While waiting for our food,  we had a mini- photoshoot –

(L-R): Photo 1: [Courtney, me, and Alecca], Photo 2: [Courtney and I], Photo 3: [Nicole, Stacy, and Chiara], Photo 4: [Stacy and Chiara], and Photo 5: [Alecca and Nicole]. Not in the photos: Marigold 😦

(I also brought my Instax because I wanted to make memories the quicker way – through instant photos! We took photos per side of the table first (groups of 3), then by pair / best friends!) We caught up on life since we all go to different universities and we only get to see each other in rare occurrences.

After lunch, we went to Honey Creme for dessert:

(These are just SO good, I swear.)
(Hello Courtney. HAHA.)

 These are the flavors we ordered:

This is what Nicole, Chiara, and I ordered: Rock Salt Dark Chocolate (mmm, so good)
This is what Stacy and Alecca ordered: Honey Comb (the honeycomb is really sweet and delicious! Don’t be deceived by its small size.)
Lastly, this is what Courtney and Marigold ordered: the Affogato (a shot of espresso on yummy vanilla ice cream)
Another mini-photo shoot hehe

We basically spent the remaining hours window shopping and talking! We kind of hoarded on art materials in National Bookstore, though (haha).

Later on, it was time to go (not before having a quick snack in Project Pie, of course).

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 11.07.36 PM

Note: you can never go wrong with lots of cheese (and broccoli is really good on pizza)!

Well, that’s what happened earlier last month! See you soon!

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