Japan 2k16 – Week 2 (April 9 – April 15)

Sorry for the late update, but so many things have happened this week! 🙂

Come along with me and my adventures with my second week in Japan!
(Click here for the first week!)

Day 1: April 9

Today, Winona and I got up bright and early (well, not really – it was around 9 in the morning) and left the dormitory to go to Shibuya!


When we arrived in Shibuya, the first priority was to hunt for the Hachiko statue, and when we saw it we were both happy and sad at the same time since we were finally able to see it in person then we remember what the history behind it is. We also finally got to see the famous Shibuya crossing!

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 9.10.20 PM

We had an “official list” of 10 things to do in Shibuya since we allotted the whole day to exploring the area.

(#1 being Hachi’s statue)

#2: Tower Records

It’s a really tall building!
When I saw this, I thought, “Hey! Isn’t that the font in which Peanuts / Snoopy uses?”. Also, the message is true. (Plus that cute Hachi statue.)

Michael Jackson went to this store years ago!
Turns out, I was right. It IS in the font of Peanuts / Snoopy AND there were so many Snoopy merch! (Help!)
Look at that Lucy plushie in the Charlie Brown get-up! I want one!
Even more merch!
Yey for vinyl!

#3: Disney store


The price, unfortunately, is not as cute as the object.
Tsum tsums! Going back at the end of the month to buy some Star Wars Tsum-tsums! 🙂

#4: One Direction store

One of my best friends, Courtney, chatted with me the other day about this place. She wanted me to check it out and try to find something that she’s been hunting for – for quite a long time already. Unfortunately, it was sold out, but Winona and I did go to the One Direction pop-up store anyways haha! It was actually some kind of collaboration shop with merch from 5 Seconds of Summer, The Vamps, Justin Bieber, and – of course – One Direction (+ Zayn). This shop scheduled to close the next day, so it was a good thing that I was able to drop by and buy some merchandise for Courtney ❤ (Hi, Courtney, hehe hope you will love it!)




#5: Shibuya 109


Everything here is pretty much expensive, so we just went window shopping (although I bought Hannah – my little sister – her birthday gift here).

[I apologize from this point until #10 for the lack of original photos. We were pretty much in a hurry. I’ll give credit to photos that are not mine, of course.]

#6: Tokyu Hands

Photo from: mcha-jp.com

Wow. Just. Wow. This building is huge! It’s a combination of three buildings under one roof! There’s the A wing, the B wing, and the C wing with so many different items to look and buy! This is – so far – the largest Tokyu Hands branch I’ve visited. We didn’t look around for a long time since we were getting tired and wanted to go back to the dorm early.

#7: Uniqlo

Photo from: stephendavidsmith.net
Photo from: stephendavidsmith.net

We couldn’t find the flagship store, so we just browsed through the collection inside the smaller-sized branch.

#8: Don Quijote

Photo from: tokyostory.net
Photo from: tokyostory.net

We didn’t get to go here anymore since we were tired. BUT I went to the Don Quijote branch in Shinjuku a few days later (I’ll get to that).

#9: Muji

Photo from: www.tenkai-japan.com
Photo from: http://www.tenkai-japan.com

We made a looonnng pit stop here. Actually, we didn’t even plan to drop by here! We were hunting for Tokyu Hands when Winona noticed the giant Muji building and we were like: “we have to go inside”. I pretty much bought some food (for dinner) and I hoarded a bit on notebooks (set of five notebooks for ¥200!) and ball pens (¥1,000 / 10 pcs.). We also decided to eat lunch there:

We also ate in Cafè Muji! Although the serving looks small in the picture, it will actually make you really full when you finish! (Also, I couldn’t help but buy some pudding since it looked – and tasted – so good!)

#10: NHK Studio Park

Photo from: nalakagunawardene.com
Photo from: nalakagunawardene.com

We decided not to go here anymore since we were pretty tired already and we weren’t really fans of Domo-kun.

Day 2: April 10

Today is my little sister’s birthday! Yey! Happy happy 5th birthday to Hannah Banana!


Today, I stayed in the dorm to rest and to prepare for school the next day. I also did some grocery shopping in Seiyu (thank goodness it’s so near the dorm).

Day 3: April 11


Today is the official first day of schooling here in Sophia University and the day went a-okay! I was dismissed quite early, so I went with Pam and Pam (yes, both of them are named Pam) and we headed to Shinjuku and went on a little adventure / shopping spree! For the past few days, lots of people have been: commenting, tagging, and sending me private messages to go visit Sekaido – which was on my list already ever since I got here (though I never really had the time to go UNTIL NOW – yey). Anyways, as soon as we’re dismissed, we made our way to Shinjuku and scouted for Sekaido (after taking a few wrong turns, HAHA). We made a pit stop at Forever 21 since we saw the big sign that read: “SALE! As low as ¥49!” and we went hunting for deals. I ended up buying two things: (1) some fingerless (is that what it’s called) gloves and (2) a set (of 2) of knee-high socks ( from ¥940 to ¥299); two great deals.

Then we saw it – the holy place of art materials (hoarder’s galore) and office supplies: Sekaido.


I, er, We just about lost our chill here.

Frixion Stamps! Perfect for planners (yes, I got one – the red “!” for important things).
My all-time favorite gel pens! ❤
My Sekaido haul! :)
My Sekaido haul! 🙂 And, yeppp. That caption is correct.

Day 4: April 12

So Sophia University has this morning deal in their cafeteria (it’s why I go to school very early every day) – ¥100 breakfast!


I didn’t take a photo of the breakfast since I ate it right away and it’s pretty embarrassing to take a photo of your food when the shutter can’t mute (believe me, I’ve tried and did research). HAHA. Yesterday was a pretty tiring day, so I decided that after classes, I’d go back to the dorm. Classes started just yesterday and there’s already so much work to be done – not that I’m complaining, though.

Also, I cooked for the first time (ever since I’ve arrived here – that is) for dinner. I decided to make Mapo Tofu!

Adulting 101

Day 5: April 13

I will start by showing you the ¥100 breakfast —

ALL OF THESE FOR ¥100! Can you believe it?

After having a great breakfast, I headed to class. There’s things to do and people to meet today! My uncle and his family arrived here in Japan yesterday, so we were going to meet in Akihabara (I’m was so excited to go since I’ve never been there) after class!

I met up with Winona and Pam around lunch (this is what I ate, by the way):


– since they wanted to tag along with Akihabara – and wow. I’ll just say this: you need more than a day to explore Akihabara.

The famous AKB48 Cafè!


Finally was able to try some Taiyaki (ft. Pam’s hand AHAHA). I ordered the Hokkaido milk cream with beans.
(This is Winona 😀 hehe)
(And this is Pam 😀 HELLO)
Pablo Mini!

The three of us went around for a while since my uncle and his family are still on the way. We tried our best not to bring out our wallets with all the tempting items surrounding us. Pretty soon, I went to the Sega building to meet up with my uncle and Winona and Pam went on their little adventure exploring the area (we’ll rendezvous later – don’t worry).

We (now with my uncle & co) went to arcades, some stores, and Don Quijote (YEY)! I only ended up buying two things: an Akihabara station towel and an edamame keychain!

[I’ll post photos of them at my end-of-the-month haul!]

After a couple of hours, I had to leave my uncle and his family because I needed to go back to the dorm and study. I met up with Pam and Winona at the station and we headed back home!

Day 6: April 14

Today’s breakfast! Yummy.

Today, we didn’t really have any plans to go anywhere, so we basically went to school and went back to the dorm after classes.

I was finally able to try eating at Yoshinoya and – mmmm – it was so good! It tastes so different as compared to the Yoshinoya back at home!


Day 7: April 15


[We stopped by Beck’s Coffee on the way to school to try the Sakura Latte – and it’s so good!]

After school today, I headed back to the dorm to do some homework and to pack! (Yes, I did go somewhere this weekend, but I’ll create a separate blog post for April 16-17 since a LOT has happened!)

[You can click the blog post here.]

Around 7PM, I left the dorm and went to Takashimaya to meet up with my uncle. I was going to sleep in their AirBnb tonight and will stay with them until Sunday morning! I won’t spoil anything until my next blog post (which will probably be posted later or tomorrow), so I’ll end my weekly recap here! 🙂

You’ll hear from me very soon!

{Oh, and the featured image is from a claw / UFO machine in Akihabara!}

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