Japan 2k16 – (April 16 to April 17)

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I will be creating a separate blog post for April 16 – 17 since a LOT has happened and if I did place it in the previous post, it would make it too long. ANYWAYS —

I went to Lake Kawaguchiko (near Mt. Fuji) with my uncle and his family and attended the Cherry Blossom Festival!

On the way there!
We stopped by the station to ride another bus that takes us directly to the lake / festival and I saw these cookies! They are so cute – shaped like little Mt. Fujis!
13010160_1181766358500446_666642183_o (1)
I bought a box of 10 assorted cookies to share with my friends in the dorm πŸ™‚
These were the flavors inside the box! Personally, my favorites were strawberry, earl grey, and chocolate!

I also bought the limited edition cookie set of sakura cookies and matcha cookies, but I had them sent back home for my family.
Mt. Fuji rice crackers (assorted flavors) were also sent back to the Philippines!
Anyway – here we are in Lake Kawaguchiko! πŸ˜€
Here is the festival map!

When I went, it was the first day of the festival, so not everything was in full bloom yet, but the sight still made me speechless.


Hello, Mt. Fuji!


If you notice, you can see two Mt. Fujis in this photo! πŸ™‚


My uncle, my aunt, and my cousins:


(I love this shot so much.)



Before lunch, we finished walking through the entire trail and we noticed a foot bath area! Of course, we tried it and soaked our tired feet in hot water.




At one end of the festival, they were selling some goods and snacks!

When I saw this, I literally ran to it. I mean, who doesn’t love sweet potatoes (especially when they’re warm)?
There was also a lady selling some green bean dessert, so I tried it too.
It tasted good; if you like eating red beans and black beans – then you’d like this! πŸ™‚
Steps 1 – 3.
When I saw this, I knew I wanted to try something — but everything (yes, EVERYTHING) was out of stock already!
Lunch consisted of ramen and ol’ fashioned milk tea!
Fried fish paste in the shape of Mt. Fuji!

We eventually had to leave the festival, so we made our way back to Tokyo (2-3 hours bus ride). We ate dinner at Ramen Street (!!!)


Then headed back to Shinjuku / the AirBnb — not before having a quick stop at Mcdonalds:


Was finally able to try this ❀

Well, that was my weekend! So sorry for the late post 😦 so many things are happening and the school work is piling up really fast!

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