Japan 2k16 – Week 4 (April 25 – April 30)

Hello, everyone! I hope you’ll enjoy reading this as I had a fun time writing and experiencing these events (especially Sunday)! 🙂

Day 1: April 25

Today I finally check off something from my “Things I Must Do in Japan” list, and that’s going to Shirohige’s Cream Puff Factory – home to the Totoro cream puffs!

After school, Winona and I went to Shimokitazawa (this place is heaven, by the way). We were so happy since it’s literally a few stations away from the dorm!

After walking around for a couple of minutes, we finally found the small sign that leads to the famous cream puff store!

It’s actually really hidden, so you need to have sharp eyes!
The first floor is actually the cream puff store, and the second floor is their restaurant (and bakery for other bread). You can order cream puffs and eat it on the second floor!
When we went in, we were immediately greeted by a really cute sign and Totoro merch everywhere!



I mean, just look at them! Ahhh!



The flavors for this specific month are chocolate cream, strawberry cream, original (vanilla), and banana caramel cream.

The flavors differ per season / month!
Aside from cream puffs, they were also selling cookies!

We decided to eat our lunch here since we were pretty hungry. The price for their pasta is reasonable considering that it came with bread and drinks!


I ordered a tomato-based pasta with cream cheese and eggplants! Yum!


Although it looks few, it’s actually a lot!


After debating with myself for some time, I finally chose banana caramel cream! Each cream puff costs around ¥400 if you take it out; if you dine-in though, it costs ¥480 – obviously, I had mine to-go. I would recommend this place highly to anyone who’s a fan of Studio Ghibli or eating delicious food in general.

Also, I finally tried the Pepsi Sakura:


The taste is very strong, but it’s quite good — although I probably won’t buy it again.

Day 2: April 26

Another school day! I met up with one of my professors from my home university in the Philippines. As we were talking, she told me of the hidden places to go near the dorm and the cheapest places to buy specific foods! With that in mind, I explored Seijokaguen-mae station more and  was pleasantly surprised to find this:


It’s a Milky store! Ahhh! Of course, when I saw this —


I just HAD to try it!


And I did; it’s so good. The ice cream is very creamy and the chocolate balances the creaminess very well.

Day 3: April 27

Today, Winona, Pam, and I explored Shimokitazawa more thoroughly. We went into this place called the Village Vanguard – and wow.






It’s basically a wonderland filled with different merchandise from different fan bases (?). I controlled myself and successfully left without buying anything. YEY.
Sophie – 1; Store – 0

Saw this “dog tree” / art piece in Shimokitazawa!

Day 4: April 28

Today, I went to the dorm right after class since:
1. I am dismissed 6:30PM on Thursdays and
2. I had too many things to do!

I have plans to go out by myself tomorrow to explore Harajuku by myself!

(Sneak peek for tomorrow!)
(Sneak peek for tomorrow!)

Day 5: April 29

Takeshita Street!
Takeshita Street!

Wow. All I can say is that Harajuku is just a little bit of Heaven on Earth. I went there right after classes and I had a checklist with all the stuff I wanted to do in Harajuku:
1. Go to the MoMa store -> Imagine an IKEA but a little more artsy and pricey.

2. Calbee Plus -> I decided to pass on this since I didn’t feel like eating chips or fries eheh.
3. Tama Dept -> I bought my very first Tamagotchi here! [A little bit of a backstory here – I never really did own a Tamagotchi; I had a fake version once and well it got destroyed right away. In a way, I feel like I fulfilled my childhood dream.]


They had a promotion in which a cover is given for free as well as the model having a deducted price! 🙂

I got purple, of course!


3. Kiddyland -> oh my gosh, this is where I lost it


Snoopy x Linus merchandise!
HEHEH. My haul ❤

4. Eat crepe -> I decided not to eat crepe yet since I wanted to buy the famous Harajuku crepes with Winona and Pam! (Hehe)

Aside from all these places, I also went to the Pompompurin Cafè and looked around!

One day, I’ll eat here.

At the end of the day, I went back to the dorm with an empty pocket but with a happy heart that was hugged by a beagle (Snoopy) ❤

Day 6: April 30

Last day of the month! I decided to stay in the dorm the entire day to study and to ready my wallet for May 1!

I’m going to the Snoopy Museum – Tokyo tomorrow! Ahhhh!

For my May 1 post, I’ll post it separately since that day was pretty much a big deal to me, and I wanted to share every bit of it in more details rather than a quick recap like usual!

See you all very soon! 🙂

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