Japan 2k16 – Week 5 (May 2 – May 8)

Hello! Er, it’s definitely been a while. I thought that I would sit down and catch up on my blog today since I’m staying in! Here are the things I did a few weeks ago!

First of all –


Day 1: May 2

Today is one of my best friend’s birthday; happy birthday, Chiara! ❤

After classes, Pam (from the Philippines) and I went to Tokyo Station! I was so excited to go since I’ve been reading so much about how large the station was with so many stores inside – this includes three particular locations which caught my attention; namely: character street, ramen street, and restaurant street. I was not able to really explore Tokyo station the first time I went there, so today should be very interesting.

One of the first things I saw in the station was Tokyo Banana stores – which made me so happy since I do love Tokyo Banana.


We went around for a bit, hunting for character when – lo and behold – we found it:


Let me explain: basically, character street is a “street” filled with different character shops. These stores sold limited edition (Tokyo station- limited) items and other merchandises. Here is a directory of the famous Character Street.

REALLY happy about the Snoopy shop and the Ghibli shop!

Priorities first, of course. I immediately headed for Snoopy Town. My eyes grew really wide when I saw the limited-edition Snoopy plush toys in Tokyo Station koban (police) uniforms! I wanted to buy one, but sadly placed it back when I saw the price – maybe one day I’ll come back for it.


(I didn’t take a lot of photos of the other shops as I was too busy freaking out.) Next stop was Tamagotchi Department (or Tama Dept); they had an on-going sale for Tamagotchis as the Tokyo Station shop would be closed later this year and the main shop would remain to be in Harajuku.20160502_130014

The price made me so frustrated since I bought mine in Harajuku for ¥4,000 😦

Gudetama (the lazy egg character from Sanrio) had a special exhibit when we went, so there were a lot of Gudetama merchandise for sale:


(Even bento boxes!)

On the way to Restaurant / Ramen Street, I saw a small area filled with food! There was a small Calbee Plus shop, a Pocky shop, a Milky shop, etc!


I, of course, couldn’t resist but order some freshly cooked Calbee fries. It’s so good.


Last, but not least, to conclude our food-tripping in Tokyo Station was Beard Papa’s Cream Puffs. I really missed these cream puffs! There used to be a lot of branches back at home, but I don’t really see them around anymore.



On the way back, I saw the Suica Penguin shop which made me really happy! The Suica penguin is the official mascot of the Suica cards (reloadable cards used in trains, shops, etc).



That concludes my Monday!

Day 2: May 3

Today was the official start of our “Golden Week” vacation (May 3-5) so my friends and I decided to make the most out of it. We went to the Tokyo Skytree today!

A Tokyo Banana Skytree shop! Ahhh!
Hehe got my fortune told by this cute device!

We got a timed-ticket entrance and had to wait a couple of hours before we could go up the Skytree. While waiting, we explored the shops and the area around the Skytree!




After a few hours, we were finally able to buy our tickets and line up for the elevator that would take us up the tower!


Skytree Crew! (R-L) Me, Pam, Tiffany, Winona, and Pam!
Inside the elevator!

We reached the top! The view took my breath away. Wow.




Delicious Skytree icecream!
The glass floor made me a little nervous (haha).

Skytree Crew (part 2) ahah:

20160503_162551 20160503_162559 20160503_162608 20160503_162637


It was the 4th anniversary of the Tokyo Skytree, so there were quite a lot of people when we went! We went to Asakusa afterward for dinner and sight-seeing!



Look the Skytree haha
Giant karaage for only ¥300! YEY.






I would love to come back here! It has a very traditional and relaxing vibe! Plus, the street foods and the traditional Japanese souvenirs here are amazing!

Day 3: May 4

Happy Star Wars Day! May the 4th Be With You.

Today Winona, Pam, and I went to Harajuku for a chill day out. We decided that “today’s the day that we finally would go to Café Pablo”, and so we did.




I ordered a plain cheese tart set. It came with a fruity syrup and plain vanilla icecream!



I think I’ll have the choco-banana one next time! 🙂



Afterwards, we went around Harajuku until late in the afternoon. Winona and I left Pam in H&M shopping while we went to the Osomatsu-san Café! Winona reserved seats for the both of us a few week in advance and we finally were able to go!


I ordered Choromatsu-san’s meal which is like a Doria dish. All the dishes came with coffee!






I bought take-away Takoyaki for lunch the next day!


Day 4: May 5

I stayed in the dorm the entire day today to catch up on my homework and studies as tomorrow it’s back to school! (Huhu)

Day 5: May 6

Back to school! Fortunately, I only had one class because my other professor for my other class decided to not hold classes – so thank goodness.

Day 6: May 7

This is my workload today:

– Review Japanese
– Write up essay
– Readings
– Watch one movie from the required reading list

soooo I stayed in today

Day 7: May 8

I stayed in the dorm again today as I had too many things to do – also the fact that I’m staying in the dorm for the weekend to compensate for all my spending during the Golden Week. Heehee.

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