Japan 2k16 – Week 6 (May 9 – May 15)

This week was a pretty chill week (nothing really exciting happened except for a few exceptions)! Hope you enjoy my re-cap!

Day 1: May 9

Today, my friends and I went on another midnight run to Lawson in our second attempt to buy Ghibli Museum tickets. Notice my use of word: attempt; meaning we failed again as tickets are not yet on sale (sadly). Other than that mishap, it was a regular school day again!

Day 2: May 10

After school today – Winona, Pam, and I went to Iidabashi for our job interview. Yes, I applied for a part-time job here in Japan at an English Language Cafè. Basically, it’s like a cafè wherein Japanese people or other foreigners go to in order to practice conversational English for an hour at a rate. Luckily, later on, I was e-mailed that I passed the interview and that I needed to go and have a trial session before they announce that I got the job!

Day 3: May 11

After school today, one of my classes had a field trip to the Tokyo Port Wild Bird Park.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 5.28.07 PM

The field trip was not only very educational, but it was also very enlightening. I got to birdwatch for the first time and see some plants and other living things in its natural habitats.

I also met up with my cousins in Shinjuku and spent the rest of my evening going around with them!

Day 4: May 12

Ahhh, another day in school. I had two quizzes today along with some essays due! Don’t really have time to go out much this weekend!

Day 5: May 13

I had a Japanese vocabulary exam today and a huge load of homework, so it’s back to the dorm right after classes for me!

Day 6: May 14

I felt lazy the entire day, so I decided to stay in and watch movies. I won’t lie. I watched Hercules two times in a row.

Day 7: May 15

After several days of studies, I finally was able to finish up my homework and assignments yesterday so that I was able to go out for leisure today!

In the morning, Winona and I headed for the Ebisu Gardens for a group project for our Urban Ecology class. I was in a rush this morning, so I didn’t really get to eat breakfast. I picked up a sandwich and some coffee along the way:



The Ebisu Gardens:


This is like a rooftop farm in which citizens could rent a lot for a year and plant their own vegetables and harvest them! 🙂





Looks like Hannah ehehe

Afterwards, Winona and I went to school (yes, on a Sunday) to eat a Filipino lunch! Every Sunday in the Yotsuya campus, Filipino vendors set up stalls and sell Filipino foods! Yey!

We went back to Shirohige’s Cream Puff Factory and this time I ordered a Strawberry Cream cream puff! It’s so good!

We met up with our friends for lunch (so they could finally try Filipino food) then headed to Shimokitazawa after.

You may be wondering (or you may be shocked) like:
“Wow! You must have saved a lot of money staying in most of the days of the week!” but no, I was merely saving my money for my plans next week. Heeheeheeeeeee.

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