Japan 2k16 – Week 7 (May 16 – May 22)

Yes, yes. It’s been a quite a long time and I’m really sorry about that! I’ve been so busy these past few weeks – busy exploring Tokyo and the weight of school, of course; but now I’m taking the time to update on my exchange program here! 🙂 I hope you enjoy reading as much as I had recollecting these memories!

Day 1: May 16

Today was a very ordinary day in school. I went through the usual routine of going to school, having Japanese class, then going back to the dorm to rest and do homework – BUT there’s a good reason why I didn’t go out today.

Day 2: May 17

Today, I was supposed to go to the Louis Vuitton exhibit near the school but decided not to anymore as the weather was terrible. It was raining really hard the whole day, so after school, I asked Winona: “Hey. Do you want to have doughnuts and coffee and wait for the rain to stop?”, whereas she agreed. We went to Krispy Kreme in Shinjuku (near Toho Cinema) and did just that. Now, there was a Taito station near the doughnut shop so I wandered inside and saw a giant Snoopy stuffed toy inside one of the UFO machines.

I didn’t believe that I would win something like that – but then:


I WON. Winona and I were laughing so hard because our faces mirrored the same expression like: “WOW. I ACTUALLY WON. I GUESS I’M NOT THAT MUCH OF A LOSER AFTER ALL.” HAHA.

The day pretty much brightened up afterwards – both figuratively and literally.

Day 3: May 18

Today, I was so restless in class because Pam, Winona, and I are going to the Peanuts Café after class! I reserved a table a month in advance and counted towards the days until we would finally go there! Our reservation was for 3:30PM on the second floor. I recommend choosing the second floor over the first floor mainly because there are more things to do and see on the second floor (plus more merch)!


We actually arrived an hour early and had to wait outside. It was okay since we walked around the Megura River beside the café and chilled before entering. (I was trying hard to not freak out over the café.)



When 3:30PM finally came, we went inside and — Snoopy heaven!



The interior was just gorgeous and I could tell that this is more of a “low-key” Peanuts Café where it’s presented with a more modern and chill ambiance.






20160518_155917 20160518_152138


20160518_155917 20160518_152138



We were lead to our seats and were given plates and utensils:

I wanted to bring the plate home! 😦

We then placed our order and waited for our food to arrive.


I ordered Snoopy’s favorite drink, which was Root Beer (Float)! 🙂

Winona, Pam, and I shared the s’mores platter:


Meanwhile, they both ordered the S’mores Latte:



I went to the comfort room and saw these inside (I quickly took these photos in embarrassment HAHA):



Happy kids!

After eating, we went to the small section where they were selling some merchandise. I wanted to buy the shirt, but it was too expensive 😦 But, they were selling different kinds of cookies – so I bought the Chocolate Chip Cookies (Snoopy’s favorite)!



They were also selling the Peanuts cartoon wax paper and some tissues.



They were also selling the plates and such, but I chose to buy a mug instead!

(sorry for the messy table)

All in all, a great experience! ❤

Day 4: May 19

After yesterday, I had to save money again and prepare for the weekend! Hint: Harajuku again! (I think it’s officially one of my all-time favorite places in Tokyo.) Thursdays are always the longest day of the week (in school) for me since classes start at 9AM and I finish by 6:30PM.

Day 5: May 20

Thank God it’s Friday! One more day of suffering school until the weekend! 🙂 I didn’t go out today because on Saturday I’m gonna be spending a LOT. Hint: another café! I used this afternoon to do my chores like cleaning my room and doing my laundry.

Day 6: May 21

It’s finally Saturday!

Today we (Winona, Pam, and I) headed for Harajuku! We left after lunch, so when we arrived we did the natural thing to do – hunt for dessert. We decided to finally try to Pablo Café hidden in one of the alleys in Harajuku!


It was a pretty hot day and the line was quite long.



We each ordered the original set. Each set contained a mini-Pablo cheese tart, special syrup, and a side of ice cream.



Mmmm! It’s so good!


The other flavors offered were: chocolate, fruits, matcha, choco-banana, and strawberry.


Freshly made 🙂

Afterwards, we went shopping around Harajuku. We had to wait a couple of hours before the next big thing. Winona reserved two seats to the Osomatsu-san Café (she’s a huge fan) in Harajuku and I went with her (meanwhile, Pam went shopping some more).

We were the first in line, but since we couldn’t understand Japanese we didn’t know where to queue – in the end, we were the 9th in line (haha). The Osomatsu-san Café (おそ松さん) was a pop-up and limited time only café that required reservations.

The menu!

At that time, I wasn’t a fan of Osomatsu-san so I didn’t really get to enjoy and experience the café to its maximum level BUT I enjoyed it in the aftermath though!

I ordered Choromatsu’s dish (at that time I didn’t know that he would end up being my favorite Matsuno brother, which is a huge coincidence) which was a simple doria and salad. Each dish came with free coffee (in which I got Ichimatsu).





Winona, on the other hand, got a burger set (Karamatsu) and ordered dessert!

Matsuno brothers (feat. Winona’s face HAHA)

The café was very relaxing and fun – I’m so glad that I got to experience it (yes, HAHA thank you Winona)!

Day 7: May 22

Today, I stayed in to study and do all my schoolwork (also stayed in to save money haha). Next week is going to be a pretty exciting week! We’re going to DisneySea soon so we’re going to Ikebukuro to buy our tickets.

Thank you for reading! I’ll try my best to catch up on my blog posts very soon! 🙂

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