Japan 2k16 – Week 8 (May 23 – May 29)

I’m ashamed to say that I’m already back at home (in the Philippines) and I still haven’t finished writing my Japan blog posts 😦 I’m catching up right now to make up for it (and the one month break helps too haha!)

Day 1: May 23

Today marks as the first day (for my friends back home) of the third term in my home university! Good luck guys! Hehe. I went shopping for a bit today in Shinjuku’s Uniqlo for a few shirts and stuff haha. The weather’s getting hotter – so I needed some lighter clothes / summer clothes!

We also went to Harajuku for a bit just to eat some crepes:


Day 2: May 24

A few weeks ago, I applied for a baito (or part-time job), and today I get my first shift – well, a trial shift; but a shift nonetheless. I applied in a nearby conversation café wherein I basically have to sit down with a couple of Japanese people and converse with them in English for three hours. I won’t say much about what happened during that shift, but I can tell you this – that shift would be my first and my last for the entire trip (haha).

Day 3: May 25

Today, my friends and I had classes until 3 in the afternoon. I was so restless because we were going to Ikebukuro (also known as the “female version of Akihabara”) for several reasons: first, we were going to buy tickets for Tokyo DisneySea (yay!); second, we were going to visit the Pokémon Center (double yay!); and lastly, we were going to Animate (the one-stop shop for animé merch).

After classes, we quickly ran to the train station and made our way to Ikebukuro. We bought our tickets to DisneySea (so excited) and went to the upper floors for the —

Pokémon Center!

We ran in – no questions asked. I had two things in my mind that I would want to buy; first, a Piplup (don’t judge) plush toy and a gym badge – any badge. Fortunately, I was able to find a really cute Piplup plush – and at a reasonable price, but the gym badges – alas – were limited edition and sadly out of stock (for good).




We went around the building first (had some crepe too because it was crepe day).



(…and had some ice cream too.)


We then decided to make a quick stop by Animate before heading back to the dorm (it was almost 8PM). After searching for several years, I’m happy to say that I finally FINALLY have Phoenix Wright merchandise.


On the way home, we saw this stall that sold giant takoyaki – so naturally, the foodies that we are, we bought some to try.



[Funny backstory: While waiting in line, the radio in the stall played their jingle / theme song and let’s say that by the time we finished eating, we could sing it. It’s extremely catchy. Listen to it here.]

Day 4: May 26

After a tiring day yesterday (not to mention the cramming we had to do when we got back to the dorm), we had an easy day today. The highlight of today (in my case) was entering my name for Ghibli tickets. The Ghibli museum was under renovation for several months – and would open on June 16. Tickets for the museum are strictly sold only in Lawson, and in this case, you can’t just purchase it right away. They held a lottery so that you can have the chance to purchase tickets early.

[I didn’t win the lottery, so I had to get my tickets using a different way.]

Day 5: May 27

Midterms are coming up, so I took this day to catch up on lessons and write some papers then thoroughly rewarded myself with a mini movie marathon (I watched Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows I and II).

Day 6: May 28

Today Pam, Winona, and I went back to Ikebukuro for several reasons. One, for the Osomatsu-san event in Namja Town; two, for eating gyoza at the mini-gyoza street in Namja Town; and three, for merch buying and memory-making, of course.

I bought the チョロ松 (Choromatsu, my favorite Matsuno brother) gyoza set – which consisted of fried dumplings, green curry, two steamed buns (they were supposed to be cat paws, but–), and a Choromatsu rice cracker. (Each set comes with a pin.)


For dessert, I got this:


I admit, the food isn’t so good and isn’t worth the price they’re asking for but the surroundings and the place itself was pretty impressive.




The place itself is meant for Japanese children and those who could understand Japanese. We didn’t go on any of the rides because they were pretty pricey per ride (rides and entrance ticket prices are separate).

Day 7: May 29

Today, I went to school. Yes, I went to school on a Sunday. A few weeks ago, I volunteered to be an organizer for the TEDxSophiaU event – I’ve been appointed as the social media manager for the event and I tried my best to help out. Actually, today would be the first day that I would be meeting the entire team behind it as I was only recruited last minute.

The event was very interesting for my part because I got to experience a different kind of TED talk as compared to the ones I’ve attended before (TEDxDLSU and TEDxTaftAve) I learned a lot from the event (well, the English parts hehe) and am very grateful for the opportunity given to me to attend.


This just about summarizes the last week of May! 🙂

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