Japan 2k16 – Week 9 (May 30 – June 5)

And the Japan blog continues! I made a promise to myself to try to finish my blog before classes begin next month. Now, without further adieu, here’s the blog post for May 30 – June 5!

[Heads up, this is a long post.]

Day 1: May 30

Today is the first day of midterms week, and I admit that it’s off to a good start (so far). We had our Japanese oral exams (which went pretty smoothly, thank goodness) in which my partner Tiffany and I had to create a script / scenario in which she is a waitress and I am a customer in a restaurant. [Thankfully, I was able to apply the script in real life situations as well.] Actually, the oral exams are the easy bit of Japanese classes – the difficult part is grammar, vocabulary, and – of course – the Chinese characters, Kanji.

There’s another exam tomorrow, so my friends and I headed straight to the dorm to study.

Day 2: May 31

Today’s exam is kanji, reading and writing, and listening. A triple-combo attack to poor Sophie. Still, the battle’s not over because…

Day 3: June 1

…there’s another test. Today is the last day of hell week midterms! YEY. The test today is grammar (nooo) and particles (it’s crazy how many particles Japanese has). After the midterms, I had one more class then I’m free! My family is in Japan right now for a business trip, so I headed for Kawasaki (really far from Tokyo) and to meet them.

The trip was worth it though since I haven’t seen my dad in a couple of months (and the food was delicious too).


Day 4: June 2

Just a few more days to write papers and study, then I can finally rest during the weekend.

(but we had ice cream because we literally live five minutes away from a Baskin’ Robbins)



Day 5: June 3

I’m really jealous at how everyone back at home is lining up to watch Me Before You as it won’t screen here in Japan. I’ve been dying (haha) to watch it ever since the trailer was out. I also wondered if I would cry as hard as I did reading the book. (Spoiler: I didn’t.)

Anyways, after classes, I met up with my family again – this time in Shinjuku. There’s this summer sale in Kinokuniya (one of my favorite bookstores) so, naturally, we went. Afterwards, we headed for Harajuku for a quiet afternoon walking around the Meiji Shrine and eating in the Pablo Café. This time, I ordered the chocolate banana cheese tart – and let me tell you this: it’s absolutely delicious. The set came with chocolate syrup and a side of cookies and cream ice cream.


We shared the tart and ordered the matcha shaved ice dessert:


[Confession: I don’t like the taste of matcha haha]

After spending a nice afternoon with my family, I headed back to the dorm for a very important meeting.

Tomorrow, my friends and I are going to DisneySea! Don’t laugh, but we had a strategy meeting for this. (Yes.) We planned the route to get to the best rides and who will run where to grab FastPasses. We also bought some onigiri in the kombini (convenient store) so that we could save money on lunch. We plan to stay in DisneySea from opening hours until closing hours.

Day 6: June 4

Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for. We left the dorm at 6:15AM to arrive at DisneySea at around 8:00AM when the park opens.

We were all pretty VERY EXCITED.

We chose DisneySea first because it was the 15th anniversary of DisneySea – meaning, a lot of special things are going to happen (also the fact that we estimated that if we went to Disneyland the next month, we would be able to catch the summer matsuri events!)


We finally arrived (and on time)!



(We literally shot out of that volcano in one of the rides.)
(See that building on the left? That’s where I left my soul.)

Before I start retelling the story of what happened in DisneySea, I’d like to mention a few things first:

  1. I am absolutely terrified of roller coasters.
  2. My friends are very persuasive people.
  3. I will never ride the Tower of Terror or Raging Spirits ever again (I hope).

Okay, moving on.

When we went through the arch “Tokyo DisneySea”, I was immediately amazed at all the beautiful things around. The views and all the attractions were all breathtaking (minus the Tower of Terror and Raging Spirits).



The first thing we did was run to Indiana Jones’s ride, Temple of the Crystal Skull.



(The places was really dark haha)


That was easily one of my favorite rides – and it was just the first one! Now, as I mentioned earlier, I said that I really didn’t like roller coasters – but because of DisneySea I felt like I was baptized as 90% of the rides there (not an accurate estimate) were roller coasters – thus allowing me to accept my fate and started to actually enjoy rollercoasters. There were two exceptions, though; the next ride was Raging Spirits. This ride had a 360-degree turn – watch here. ANYWAYS – I closed my eyes for the entire ride, silently praying, so I can’t tell when the loop was going to happen. I (stupidly) leaned a bit and the looped happened. I honestly thought my neck was going to snap off.

After that traumatizing ride, I begged my friends for a chill and easy ride while we wait for the next one (we had a FastPass for the next). We rode Jasmine’s Flying Carpets (HAHA).


We still had time before the next ride, so we went around for a bit.




(And had some snacks)

I forgot what these are called exactly, but it’s like cream puffs!
These, on the other hand – is one of the highlights of DisneySea. Little Green Men dumplings! (Each of them had a different filling – chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.)

We saw this and said: “We shall return”.


Honestly, I don’t remember what rides we went to next, but I remember enjoying every minute of it. I didn’t take photos of all the rides because I was more focused on lining up and enjoying hehe!

We eventually ended up at the Tower of Terror – which traumatized me most of all. We waited two hours for that ride! I left my soul up on the top of the tower because my body dropped along with the seats. Even to this day, I’m extra cautious entering elevators. If you want to understand my experience more, you can watch this video here.


Hello, friends! 🙂




New friend!

[After searching for several hours, we finally found the Turkey Leg booths!]


Of course, the Tokyo DisneySea experience wouldn’t be complete without its famous popcorn flavors! I got Milk Chocolate popcorn (which tasted really good, by the way) while my friends got other flavors like Curry and Cappuccino.


We ate our onigiris and sandwiches for lunch and rewarded ourselves with ice cream! I bought the Sea Salt Ice Cream Monaka, which tastes like salted caramel with a little bit of an extra oomph. (I really don’t know any other way to describe it.)



For dinner, we had the gyoza sausage dog – which, by the way, is really good.



Time really flies when you’re having fun.


Our last ride was Toy Story Mania, which was a nice way to end the day! I can’t believe we actually stayed there from 8AM to 11PM haha! We all had to run to catch the last train!


All in all, my favorite rides in Tokyo DisneySea were:

  1. Journey to the Center of the Earth
  2. Indiana Jones: The Temple of the Crystal Skull
  3. Toy Story Mania

My friends headed back to the dorm, which I went to Kawasaki to see my family one more time before they go back to the Philippines.

Day 7: June 5

After a tiring but fun-filled day yesterday, I had a heavy breakfast with my family then headed for the dorm after saying our goodbyes.

That was basically how the first week of June went for me! 🙂 Also, it means that I’ve been in Japan for three months already!

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