BLK 513!

After several months, I was finally able to try BLK 513! I first heard about this store when they first opened in SM Megamall – unfortunately, I live far from there so I never really got the chance to go. It was pure luck that a branch opened up in SM North Edsa, which is nearer where I live.

My aunt and I were going to watch a film that day (Ang Babaeng Humayo) when I noticed that across the cinema area was BLK 513! Long story short, my aunt and I went to get some frozen yogurt.

Prices start at Php 170 for the dark skim cone (which comes with two toppings) and Php 185 for the dark skim cup (which comes with one crunch, two fruits, and one sauce).


I ordered the cup with this combination: oreo crumbs (crunch) + dragonfruit and mangoes (fruit) + milk jam (sauce).

[Short backstory: When I went to Hokkaido earlier this year, I bought a jar of milk jam. I was really excited to try it – I mean, COME ON, milk jam from Hokkaido! Unfortunately, I (stupidly) placed it in my hand-carry and it got confiscated in Tokyo on my flight back to Manila 😦 Since then, I’ve been dying to try what milk jam tastes like.] [It tastes kinda like condensed milk but not as sweet?]

The sauces!
In the making –

Here’s the final product!


According to my aunt, it’s “a younger generation’s flavor” because it was so sweet. What can I say, I have a sweet tooth. The yogurt tasted different and fresh, which was an entirely different experience on my taste buds.

The Oreos were strategically placed inside the yogurt, the fruits went very well with the yogurt (most especially dragonfruit), and the milk jam added some sweetness to it. However, the next time I go there I won’t get mangoes and milk jam anymore, haha. After all, too much of a good thing is bad. Whoops.

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