Bienvenue aux Philippines! (Welcome to the Philippines!)

Last week (October 6 – 9, 2016), my good friend Tiffany visited the Philippines! (If you don’t remember her – I mentioned her in a few of my previous blog posts – here is one of them! I met her when I was doing my exchange program in Japan!) We were so excited – and after weeks of planning, this is what we did while she was here (in my perspective)!

October 6, 2016 (Thursday):

(Well – I’m gonna start by saying that she had her first meal in Jollibee, HAHA!) (She liked it!)

(I didn’t take a photo huhu)

October 7, 2016 (Friday):

On her first “official” whole day here, we went museum hopping! First, we attempted to go to the school museum (long story):

(so close, yet so far)

 – then, we headed for the National Museum! (I’m so proud of her HAHA we commuted going there!)

We both thought that this painting was really pretty and it accurately told the story of how cloth is weaved!
We bust out laughing when we saw his face – HAHA

These faces, I swear – were so funny. The past behind these faces isn’t as funny, though.

(Left) “When we wake up” – Tiffany.


After the quiet morning in the Anthropological Museum, we went through Rizal Park:



(awkward thumbs up)

October 8, 2016 (Saturday):

(I didn’t take a photo, but we went to the Salcedo Market in the morning!)

Museum hopping continues today! Tiffany, Winona, and I went to the Ayala Museum in Makati. I’ve never been to the Ayala Museum – so I was pretty excited too! (And it was pure luck that the Tinker Tales exhibit is there too!)


The exhibits were really interesting – we spend a lot of time looking at all the different pieces and exhibits!




(reminds me of my sister, haha!)






What was so cool about the Tinker Tales exhibit was each piece tells a different story. They asked children to come up with stories, and the artists created pieces after them. No matter how crazy or out-of-this-world the stories were, the artists delivered.


We were a little creeped out by these mannequins, so we took a photo:


(We attempted to pose with them. I was laughing so the photo came out a bit blurry HAHA 😦 ) (L-R): Winona, Tiffany, and me!



After the calm afternoon in the Ayala Museum, we went shopping a bit then headed for Century Mall – where what we’ll be doing next won’t be as calming.

We first headed for Toby’s Estate for some coffee then went to Hole in the Wall for some snacks. I immediately headed for Scout’s Honor and finally got to make my own cookie! Yey! (Don’t be grossed out, but I do have a sweet tooth and I tend to mix and match my food at times even if the combination seems disgusting to other people – example: natto and bread.)

I had Horlicks dough (because I love Horlicks), some Oreos (just because), dark chocolate pieces (my favorite type of chocolate), and potato chips (because salty and sweet together is just heavenly). I asked them to make it chewy and not crunchy – and after a couple of minutes:

It’s here!

The combination is so good. I loved every bite. Can’t wait to try a new combination (maybe next time I’ll have a side of milk, haha)!


We finished our snacks quickly because —

(Smiling on the outside, but really frustrated on the inside HAHA)

We went to Mystery Manila! It’s a room-escape game wherein we were trapped in a room for an hour and had to find the clues, make use of teamwork, and try to escape! The mystery we picked was Mutants’ Mission.

As you can see from the photo, we failed to escape (85% huhu) – but we’ll come back one day and try again. We went back to Hole in the Wall for dinner. Winona and I ordered pizza!

so good.

Meanwhile, Tiffany ordered a big plate of nachos with lots of toppings – it was really filling (not to mention the serving was really generous haha! We all had to eat a bit to finish it!).


We waited for Ivy and Alex to arrive —

(L-R): Ivy, me, Tiffany, Winona, and Alex!

Tiffany’s last night / last dinner here in the Philippines (for this visit)!

October 9, 2016 (Sunday):

Tiffany left for the airport in the morning. Au Revoir, Tiffany! Hope you had a great time here! See you soon! 💕

3 thoughts on “Bienvenue aux Philippines! (Welcome to the Philippines!)

  1. Tiff

    Awwwww CUTIE !!!!!!
    Thank you planning my whole trip on the google sheet “Tiffany’s trip” it was really useful and reassuring in a way lol
    Thank you so much for letting me sleep in your bed (does that sound weird? HAHA)
    Thank you for the calligraphies
    Thank you isn’t enough for everything you did for me Sophie..

    Thank yu. (ooooooh did u understand? hahahaha)
    with love from Tiff’

    PS : when you’ll come to Paris, just call me alright? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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