Louie-Luis Ice Cream Sandwich

The other day I went to Alabang Town Center to meet my relatives (as they live near there). We were going to have coffee and snacks somewhere so we could all talk and catch up when we bumped into this:

Louis-Luis Ice Cream Sandwiches!

Of course, all my little cousins were excited and asked for ice cream. We settled down in a nearby restaurant while the others ordered for us. I was watching my cousins while they were ordering and ran back to the stall when I received my ice cream.

It’s pretty affordable for a good ice cream sandwich!

My mom knows me well (hehe) – she got me Neapolitan one (vanilla + chocolate + strawberry)!

(The sticker is so cute – I wish I peeled it off and pasted it in my planner.)

First of all, the price is just right for an ice cream sandwich! Second, it tasted pretty good – the wafers were crunchy and it complimented the ice cream well! It wasn’t too sweet and it was easy to eat! (In fact, I’m craving for one right now – which is probably why I’m writing this blog post.) Looking forward to trying the other flavors! 🙂

You can try it at Alabang Town Center (ATC); it’s located in the new wing – in front of Shi Lin, and beside the piano there!

[Featured photo grabbed from Louie-Luis Ice Cream Sandwich’s Facebook page.]

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