#FILEDGoldenGoal Keepsake Planner – 2017!

Hello, everyone! It’s been a while, yes – but I assure you, there are many things to talk about!

First of all – I would like to announce that I’m (along with my groupmates are) shooting a documentary film called The Art of Letters! We’ve been working really hard on it and have been filming since the beginning of October! I can’t wait to share the film with all of you once we’re done! For now, I won’t be giving any details on what the film is about (but you’ll probably get an idea from the title already, hehe).

Second – last month, I pre-ordered my planner for next year (yes, I’m sticking to FILED again since it’s price friendly, local, and has almost all the things I’m looking for in a planner) and it finally arrived earlier this week! FILED released two planners this year for 2017 – the Scribble Planner (Php 595; click here to see details) and the Keepsake Planner (Php 545; click here to see details).

[Note: I am not paid or connected by FILED to share this;  this is my personal thoughts and opinion!]

(I was having a pretty bad day, but when I saw this box waiting in my room, my mood instantly lifted!)
(angels singing)

The thing with FILED planners is that when you pre-order, you get certain perks. One of them is customization; this year, it’s @oatsdiy that customized the planners! Here’s my nickname at the bottom:

(I actually wanted ‘Sophie’, but the maximum amount of letters was five! Huhu.)

Another perk would be the planner sleeve, which was introduced by FILED this year! The planner sleeves are limited in stock and are only offered through pre-ordering (however, this might change depending on stocks and demand).


I’m so excited to write down all my plans for next year in my new planner!

[An extra note: I finally had some extra time to practice my calligraphy! I’m planning to make lots of beautiful Christmas cards to send to family and friends this coming holidays!]

[I made this piece just because I’m excited for… Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find ThemGah!]


What planner do you plan to own for next year? (And are you as excited as I am for Fantastic Beasts?!) Do leave a comment below! 🙂

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