Breakfast at Maginhawa x Breakout Philippines

A few weeks ago, I met up with some of my friends – we started our day with some brunch at Theo’s Café!

As soon as we saw the tarp saying “Now Serving Breakfast”, we knew that we were going to end up eating here.
Pardon, four hungry girls coming in!


Need to come back one of these days to eat these.


Since it IS breakfast time, it would only make sense to eat something “breakfasty”.

I ordered the Waffle + Bacon + Egg – which tasted so good! The waffle is soft and had a creamy taste, the bacon is just the right balance of crunchy and chewy (with the right tad of sweetness), and the egg is done just the way I like it (sunny side up with a runny yolk). On top of it all, it also came with free coffee!

Look at that beauty.

The café interior is very homey and the little details in really popped out:





The Breakfast Club:

(L-R): Stacy, me, Courtney, and Chiara!
Soph + Cot! hehe 😀

After brunch, we headed for Breakout Philippines’s Katipunan branch and met up with the rest of the crew (Marigold & Bernice)!

The reason why we went to Breakout was because I won six free tickets last year (and we were only able to claim it recently haha) . We first did Clown House, which is a pretty memorable (and really scary / creepy experience) HAHA – we were able to accomplish 60% of the room before we eventually ran out of time. The second room we did was Detention Room, in which we faired better at 80% – which, the lady said, was the highest score in weeks for that room! YEY!

We’ll get them next time! 😦

[L-R]: me, Courtney, Chiara, Stacy, Bernice, and Marigold
Frustratingly fun is right.

So that’s basically what happened a few weeks ago! Tomorrow, Chiara, my cousin, and I would be heading to the TLC Festival in BGC! Can’t wait to blog about it! Until then, see you in the next blog post 🙂

Memories ❤

2 thoughts on “Breakfast at Maginhawa x Breakout Philippines

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