Color Manila Run 2017!

[Ahh, the first post of the new year! Sorry for my inactiveness; last term’s workload just killed me! Anyways, on to the post! :)]

Last year, one of my best friends – Courtney – and I went to Color Manila Run (in fact, I wrote a post about it here), so this year, we decided to go back and experience the color fun again!

[This year, Color Manila Run was held on the 8th of January.]

Throwback to last year!

At four o’clock in the morning, Courtney and her sister picked me up from my place and off we headed for SM Mall of Asia. We decided to have breakfast before going to the event area.

“The calm before the storm.” Here we are (Courtney – L, me -R) before the race!

Last year, we ran the route for 3k and this year, we wanted to challenge ourselves more and went for the 5k route.

Waiting for the signal to start running!

Unlike last year where we were immediately hit with color, this year, the first surprise would be the guys pointing giant water hoses at us and drenching us from head-to-toe. You got to understand that I do love a refreshing surprise, but the morning was just chilly and the water made it worse. It was all in good fun, though! The water motivated us to run a bit so we wouldn’t get too cold.

The first color was purple, but we didn’t get a single speck of it on us since the people scattering it were preoccupied 😦 Instead, we ran past it and headed for the next color: blue!

A blue day.


Courtney and I ran to the dude throwing the colored powder around. I think we were a little too excited since the man directly threw it in my face. We had to stop for a while since I was coughing – here’s a hint: powdered colors do NOT taste good.


At this point, we already got a bunch of colors on us (and we met some surprises along the way), then something mildly disgusting and hilarious followed. Courtney and I were casually jogging when we noticed something on the ground; at first, we thought it was a banana peel or something, so we looked at it closer. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a rotten banana peel – it was a headless rat who met the unfortunate fate of being run over; in disgust and surprise, Courtney and I sprinted away. I think that was the fastest we’ve ran throughout the run, HAHA!

I confess – we spent majority of the race jogging, talking, and taking photos instead of actually running.

(Courtney said it looked like my legs were chopped off – HAHA!)
Besties 💕

After an hour or two, we reached the finish line!

We did it! Yey!
The jump shots took a while to photograph since there were so many people!


The aftermath.

Comparing this year’s experience to last year’s, there were a lot of changes. Last year, there were obstacles courses while this year, I think the main focus is actually running. One of the most noticeable differences is that last year, there were obstacles courses while this year, I think the main focus is actually running.

The medal – isn’t it cool?

Overall, it was a good run and a good day with great company.


I recommend trying a color run with friends for a day of fun!

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