Sophie Bakes: Chocolate Chip Melon Pan

[Maybe a more fitting title would be Sophie TRIES to Bake Again: Chocolate Chip Melon Pan]

A few weeks ago, I discovered this channel on YouTube called Peaceful Cuisine which is basically a cooking and baking channel dedicated to fill your eyes and ears with quiet cooking (I find it incredibly relaxing) – but not your stomach, unfortunately. There was this one video that captured my attention: Chocolate Chip Melon Pan. Melon pans, in general, are really good. [A melon pan is basically a sweet bread with crisp cookie dough on top.] I always buy one whenever I go to a Japanese bakeshop here in the Philippines and I make it a point to eat one whenever I visit the Land of the Rising Sun. It’s one of my ultimate comfort foods.

Just look at it!

I absolutely love Japanese food so when I saw “Melon Pan” I immediately clicked on the video – and the fact that it had chocolate chips? I knew that I had to eat it. I’m sure that everyone has this thing they do wherein they watch people cook or bake online, drool at the thought the final product, but end up never really making it for themselves because of laziness or other excuses? Well, I’m usually like that, but for some strange reason I wanted to make Chocolate Chip Melon Pans. I grabbed some paper and wrote down all the ingredients I had to buy.

Here’s the recipe from the video:

For the bread dough:
250g bread flour (I used all-purpose flour instead)
150g melon
25g vegetable oil
25g cane sugar (I used “regular” white sugar instead)
2g salt
5g dried yeast
80g chocolate chips

For the cookie dough:
140g pastry flour (All purpose flour could be used as a substitute)
40g soy milk (or your choice of milk – I used full cream)
30g coconut oil (you could use any kind of oil instead – I used vegetable oil)
50g cane sugar (I used “regular” white sugar instead)
1 tsp vanilla extract

1. Mix all the ingredients of cookie dough, and put it in a fridge for 30 minutes.
2. Cut melon and make it into a pureè with a blender. Add dried yeast.
3. Mix all the ingredients of bread dough and knead well. Leave it at room temperature until it doubles in size.
4. Divide both doughs into 8 equal pieces. Add chocolate chips into bread dough.
5. Roll out the cookie dough to 2mm thick. Roll out the cookie dough until a size larger than the bread dough.
6. Cover the bread dough with the cookie dough. Make patterns on the surface.
7. Wait until it doubles in size.
8. Bake at 320F/160C for 20 minutes.”

(Makes 8 large melon pans – big enough to fit your entire palm)”

Unfortunately, my kitchen isn’t as nice as Peaceful Cuisine’s, but here’s my “set-up”:


I used to bake a lot years ago, but I stopped when I became too busy with school and other things. I wanted to focus more on my other passions and things – but now, I had this urge to bake (and thus I did).

I made the cookie dough first:


In the refrigerator you go for 30 minutes!

Then I prepared the bread dough:

This is the first time I’m making melon pan, and was surprised by how little melon is actually used in this – HAHA.
(Time to wait for this baby to double in size.)

I didn’t take too many photos since I was really busy looking at the recipe and getting my hands dirty, haha!

As you can see from the first to the fourth, I was slowly improving on my shaping skills HAHA.
Can’t wait to eat them.
Twenty minutes in the oven!
Golden brown 👌🏻

Honestly, it tasted pretty good (even if I didn’t really take good photos since I was really eager to eat them already). It wasn’t too sweet, and it was crunchy on the outside but soft and moist on the inside. I guess I can improve this by fixing the cookie dough on top and using less yeast or something – also I probably should’ve sprinkled some sugar on top before baking it. I guess I’ll make this again in the future with these in mind, heh. This comes to prove that YouTube cooking and baking videos make things look easy. I’m pretty sure that Mr. Peaceful Cuisine-san did a better job since he had better ingredients and a higher skill set in terms of baking, but I’m gonna give myself a pat on the back for a job well done. Victory dance for actually succeeding in baking bread – yey!

[Side story: I actually baked bread before but it came out all wrong, HAHA. It was as hard as stone and I had to dispose of it. Glad that I somewhat evolved from stone to delicious melon pan.]

(Maybe I can aim for this next time hehe)

So, that’s basically what I did today. I was relaxing to do something different (and fun) after the monotony of school and stuff in the last few weeks. What other easy recipes would you recommend? 🙂

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