Magnum Manila: Salty Regret

I’m about to tell you a story of salty regret.

A Magnum is basically a type of luxury ice cream sold in the supermarkets. It’s made with Belgian chocolate and all the works. Personally, I like Magnum ice creams – especially the dark chocolate one with almonds. Anyways, Magnum opens up these little pop-up shops in different countries wherein you can make your own Magnum bars with your choice of toppings. When it opened here in the Philippines, people went crazy for it.

I know the hype for Magnum Manila is pretty down already, but I never really got the opportunity to try it until recently. I was in the area when I decided “today is the day I’m going to try this thing”. I went up to the store in Mall of Asia and my eyebrows raised a bit when I saw the price (I mean, I could buy almost 3 regular Magnums with that price).

(“Naked Magnum” really? HAHA)

I still decided to go for it since I knew it would be some kind of experience on way or another.

After paying, I headed for the making area. I started off with the base – I picked a vanilla ice cream base. The dip I picked was dark chocolate out of the other choices of white chocolate and milk chocolate. Since we were given the freedom to pick three dry toppings, I picked Sea Salt Flakes, Crushed Oreos, and Cornflakes.



I picked milk chocolate for the drizzle, and with the final component of the Magnum logo in chocolate, I got my final product:


I was pretty excited when I took my first bite. After the third bite, things started going a bit downhill. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the sweet and salty combination, but there’s such a thing as too much – too much salt that is. I started making weird faces (thank goodness no one else was there) after the salt kicked in.

The combination I picked tasted great together but I kinda wished I picked potato chips instead of sea salt flakes so it wouldn’t be as salty. I started scraping off the toppings and finished it as much as I could.


All-in-all, it was an okay experience. Kind of disappointing since it was going so well but the lady put too much salt and didn’t spread it out well. I think I’ll stick to store-bought ice cream for Magnum from now on. I could just make this myself at home, I mean and save myself the money.

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