Sophie Eats: Taiyaki Ice Cream

With all the hype for taiyaki ice cream, I was happy to hear that there’s a stall in the Mall of Asia (MoA). I just finished lunch, so I was in the mood for dessert when, lo and behold, I saw this:

Lucky JPMM Taiyaki Ice Cream

My eyebrows raised a bit at the price of Php 75, but I decided it seemed like it was worth it and ordered one.


The last time I went to MoA, there was this huge line for this taiyaki ice cream – so I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was not a line in sight when I came back.


The verdict?


I ordered the vanilla and cheese mixture ice cream and chose rainbow sprinkles, chocolate syrup, and a Stick-O for toppings. The ice cream itself melted really fast and I couldn’t give a distinction between the vanilla and the cheese ice cream. It was as if I was eating solidified flavored water – the taste was very watered down. It was a little difficult to eat since it the ice cream size was pretty large – I guess it would be better to sit down and eat it in peace rather than eating it while walking. The taiyaki was good, though, it was like eating a pancake. The taiyaki I got was the last one on display at that time (see photo above), so it wasn’t warm anymore – which was understandable since I think they make it in batches.

Overall, it was okay. Despite the letdown from the ice cream, it was okay. I felt like Php 75 was a little too expensive for watered down ice cream, and pancake taiyaki, but I’m keeping in mind that this is mostly catered to the general public. I don’t think I’ll be buying this again, but it was an okay experience. (I keep saying “okay”, my gosh.)

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