Breakout Philippines: Living Legends-ish

Forget A Walk to Remember, yesterday was a day to remember!

Yesterday – February 4, 2017 –  I met up with some of my Filipino / Philippine-based friends from when I went on an exchange program in Japan last year. We met because of the exchange program, and have been good friends ever since! Anyways, we decided to head for the Katipunan area because initially, we wanted to eat at a restaurant situated in that area. We changed our minds later on when we were weighing out the cost of the imaginary possible bill. Instead, we decided to tick one thing off our bucket list: going to Breakout Philippines.

If you’ve been following my blog or my social media accounts, you’ll probably know or have some kind of idea that I’ve been going to escape games a lot. Yesterday would mark my 5th time. One reason I keep going back is because escape games are so much fun; my mind and my observation skills are tested here along with teamwork and cooperation with friends. Another reason would be the fact that I was never able to successfully escape yet. I’ve had a lot of close calls (99% – ugh, 60%, 80%, and 70%), but I never got to escape…


(L-R: Anton, Dei, Winona, and I!)

BAM. WE ESCAPED with twenty seconds to spare! The last five minutes were really intense; we were ready to give up and call it quits when the last clue revealed itself – there was a lot of screaming and running afterward.

I almost teared up (I get very emotional at times) because after five times – after three years – I FINALLY GOT TO ESCAPE!


It was Anton’s, Dei’s, and Winona’s first time in Breakout – which makes them “Living Legends” (in my book) for escaping on their first try! Unfortunately, we won’t be going up on the “Wall of Fame” because I’m not a first-timer for the room we did (Detention) – but it’s okay! I’m just so happy that they were able to get that feeling of finally achieving something – oh and the bragging rights! My next goal would be to escape a room in one try – better save up for the future, then!

We pretty much laughed about everyone’s reactions in the last few seconds later on as we walked to Halal Kabab Express for lunch. Since we won and I was still high on adrenalin, I wanted to treat myself. (Click here to see their menu.)

yeaahhh boy

I had a hard time deciding on what to order, but eventually chose “KM4” or chicken and beef (since I couldn’t decide on just one)! [Note: I tried to look for KM4 online, but wasn’t able to find anything so far. I think the menu online is outdated.]

(Looks so good!)
(I ordered a Mango Lassi with my meal.)

After a very fulfilling – not to mention really delicious – meal, we headed for ADMU (Ateneo de Manila University). The last time I was in ADMU was when I took the entrance exam – the ACET – which was last 2013 / 2014! We went around exploring for a bit and eventually left for UP Town Center to spend the rest of our afternoon. Unfortunately, Anton had somewhere to go, so it’s just us girls left!

We spent a quiet afternoon catching up and recalling on the “good ol’ days” back in Tokyo.

[Oh! And we stopped by Rita’s Italian Ice for dessert – I got birthday cake ice (hint hint) and chocolate & vanilla custard!]

That’s basically how my weekend went; it’s just what I needed before heading back to the stress piling up because of schoolwork amongst many other things.

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