Building Your Own Door

Building Your Own Door

            There’s this famous saying that goes, “when opportunity knocks, answer the door”. For the longest time, I kept waiting for the opportunity to knock. I waited and waited for my time to come; a time where I can finally shine and show people that I am so much more than what I present myself to be. One day, I got tired of waiting – why do I have to wait around for something to happen? Why can’t I take matters into my own hands? That was the day I decided that I’m not waiting for the opportunity to come knocking anymore. I was going to build my own door.

The First Step – Prioritize

           Of course, this type of decision does not come almost immediately. Saying one thing and actually doing it are two different things. You have to start small – first, you should make the most out of your current situation. What are you not happy about or what do you want to have improved? Unfortunately, man’s needs and wants will forever be insatiable; but if we set our minds to it, we can achieve the impossible. If you’re not willing to put out any hard work or effort into what you want to happen, nothing will. Once you have a clear goal in your mind, you may proceed to the next step.

The Second Step – Baby Steps

                       The second step is seeing what you can do to achieve your dreams and desires. You want to be a writer? Start small. Write every day. It doesn’t have to be organized or in the best grammar – every day that you work on your passions, you plant a seed for the future. Start a blog to get your thoughts out there; don’t be disheartened by the small number of people reading – remember that you’re writing for yourself and not for anyone else for now. You want to buy something that you know will cost a lot? Discipline yourself with a budget plan. Start small, but dream big. You need to keep on working on yourself until you gain the right amount of confidence to be ready to share with others.

 The Third Step – Show it Off!

                        Once you’re ready to share your dreams and your progress, don’t be afraid of feedback – it’s what helps you improve. It’s how we react to the feedback that really matter. Share your music, share your ideas, voice out your opinions; brace yourself for opinions and ideas right back at you. Don’t be disheartened. Take these opinions and use them to your benefit. So what if you have this flaw? Make it your strength. No one said that the journey to achieving your dreams would be easy.

The Fourth Step – Charge!

            You’re ready to get yourself out there. Be prepared for a long and bumpy road, but never lose hope and never forget what and why you’re fighting. Think with your head, but act with your heart. You built your own door, but now it’s time to find the right key to open it to your rewards.

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