My 19th Birthday!

Last week, on the tenth of February, I finally turned 19. It was such a bittersweet feeling because this would be my last year where I’d have a “1” at the beginning of my age. I’m starting to feel my age catch up to me – before I know it, I’ll be 20 already (which feels really weird since I feel like I’m 17, I probably look 16, but I’m already 19?!)

My cute (and really delicious) birthday cake baked by my aunt! (Thank you, Diko!)

On my actual birthdate, I didn’t really do much but stay at home and have a quiet day with my family. We had the cliché Filipino birthday party food of spaghetti and fried chicken (courtesy of Amber’s HAHA).

On the 11th, I met up with my best friends for dinner. My parents and I decided to hold my quiet birthday dinner at bhotel’s Lobby Café and we had a blast!

L-R: Me, Courtney, Chiara, Stacy, and Nicole!
(Stacy went to the restroom while we took this photo HAHA)

We were the only ones eating at that time, so we had the full attention of the waiters and the live performance (I even requested for a song) – the food was delicious, the music was relaxing, the service was amazing, and the company I was with was top-notch.

After a not-so-quiet dinner at the Lobby Café, we moved on to Mrs. Graham’s Macaron Café for desserts.

(Birthday cake macarons!)


This is what we ordered: 1 slice of the Hershey’s Chocolate Crepe Cake (for Stacy) and 4 orders of Butterbeer Milkshakes (for everyone else).

’twas good for us girls with sweet tooths! 😍
The whole gang!
Chiara, Stacy, and me!
Courtney and I!
Chiara and I!
Me and Courtney (& Stacy HAHA!)
Nicole & I!

There’s nothing nicer than spending a “quiet” evening with your best friends. Thank you guys for coming! 💖

The next day, I met up with my extended family and we had a lovely lunch at Xin Tian Di. We all had a great time eating and catching up and I bought myself a little birthday treat: a new Snoopy car! (I’ve been collecting these for a long time.)

(I got the Valentine’s Day Snoopy car hehe.)


Thank you, family and friends, for making my 19th birthday memorable! I love you all.

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