Storybored: Artistic Progress

A few weeks ago, Wingstop Philippines announced that they were holding a contest:

Photo from Wingstop PH.
Photo from Wingstop PH.

When I saw the phrase: “win P 1,500 worth of GCs from Wingstop“, I knew I had to join.
I started sketching my idea:

(So, basically, it’s a basket of wings with smoke coming out of it, an iced cold drink beside it, hands reaching out to get some wings, and a brush lettering of “Wingstop” on top of everything.)

It started out so well:


Inking the details in!


I made the color of the chicken wings by combining two shades of red:




I shouldn’t have colored the smoke gray; not only did it make everything unbalanced and unreadable, but it also made the chicken look burnt.

A+ for effort, though! It was a little challenge drawing the logo.

The final product:

I’m cringing at how it ended up, but oh well. I made another “Wingstop” and pasted it on top in an attempt to make it look better.

So after the downfall of this, it got me thinking: “I wish I could just erase it or undo everything.”At that time, I was saving up to buy a New 3DS XL (I’ve been saving for almost 3 years?) – but when I actually have enough money, something unexpected always happens. Last time, I only had 2MB left on my laptop, so I had no choice but to purchase a rather expensive hard drive. I also had to buy a scientific calculator for my brother.

In the long run, I thought about purchasing a drawing tablet for a long time but never took it seriously since “I’m not that good at lettering and drawing yet”. My mother asked me if I really needed to purchase a 3DS right away and if I really need it – which got me thinking a lot. In the end, I decided to follow my dreams of making my own comic series:

I conceptualized!

I used to make comics a lot when I was younger – in fact, I still have all the comics that I’ve made before! So I considered sacrificing my 3DS funds to buy a drawing tablet to be for a good cause and to make the inner child in me happy.

A few days ago, I finally bought my first drawing tablet:


The days after that was crazy. I drew for hours, playing with my new toy.

These were the first three drawings I made:

This one looked really sad and creepy HAHA
I tried drawing boy’s hair HAHA I TRIED
This one took me an hour or two – but I think I finally got how to use the tablet with ease!

I also gave lettering a shot and was pretty pleased with the results (but I haven’t made a whole piece yet, so I can’t show anything for now). I was so filled with inspiration at that time and finally made a webcomic:


I’ve uploaded two chapters / two episodes so far on Tapastic!
You can read it here!
Hope you’ll like it! Enjoy reading and do tell me what you think by commenting in Tapastic or here in my blog! 🙂

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