Fully Booked: Children’s Books Galore!

Last month, my favorite local bookstore Fully Booked sent me a newsletter about children’s books followed by a link with their top ten recommendations (click here to read it)!

(Photo from Fully Booked Online)

At the bottom of the list, they announced that they were giving away specially curated sets of children’s books! I excitedly joined. They only asked for two things: one, to visit their Facebook page (which I usually do, anyways); and two, to leave a comment on their list answering the question “what is your favorite children’s book?” I answered from the heart and a few weeks later –

I won!

[I took this as a sign of encouragement and as a sign that I’m going in the right direction of deciding on what I’ll be doing for my thesis next year – which would be me illustrating and writing my own children’s book!]

I was so ecstatic and eagerly gave my details. I got a text two days ago (March 11) that my books were ready for pick-up at my chosen Fully Booked branch! I was actually in school that day and quickly ran to the bookstore. These are the books I got:

First, The Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown;

Egg by Kevin Henkes;

and The Dead Bird by Margaret Wise Brown!

I excitedly read it to my little sister, Hannah, and her favorite one was The Runaway Bunny and Egg – she said that The Dead Bird was just too sad. My favorite one would probably be Egg since it’s such a simple story and it perfectly sums up “show, not tell” in a few pages. My second choice would be The Runaway Bunny since it encapsulates a mother’s love and how imaginative children can be (also, I love the extra pages about the book since Fully Booked gave me the 75th-anniversary edition!). My third favorite (I couldn’t bear to say ‘least favorite’) would be The Dead Bird. I like how the book tackles the reality of peace and death in a way that would make both child and adult sympathetic. It’s such a heartwarming yet realistic story! [Fun fact: When I was younger, my cousin and I found a dead bird in the gardens. We found a box and buried it in the garden. We even held a short ceremony – which is why I found the book somewhat relateable.]

The art of all the books are just so beautiful and unique – I love how they used different mediums to tell their simple story. In fact, ever since I got the books, my little sister kept asking me to re-read The Runaway Bunny. She could read Egg by herself now!

All-in-all, I am very happy with all these books and they would really help as a reference to my thesis next year! Thank you so much, Fully Booked, for the opportunity and your generosity!

2 thoughts on “Fully Booked: Children’s Books Galore!

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