Coin Flip – Short Feature Film

Hello, everyone!

For the entire month of March, I’ve been really busy with a new project:

(We held a film festival for our class!)

My groupmates (Dia Alvaro and Gia Ruiz) created a short film for our major, Video Production.

Here’s the synopsis:

“Coin Flip tells the story of teenager Ryan who decides to have an adventure for a day. All his life, he’s been living it “by-the-book” caused by the high expectations set by his family and peers. A day of making choices through coin flipping turns out to be a liberating experience for the young lad.”

I’m really proud of this film because it took so long to write, film, and edit! I’d like to thank my groupmates for a job well done, our talent for being so understanding and flexible with anything we throw at him, and our professor for guiding us and helping us improve our story every step of the way!

Without further adieu, here’s the film!


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