Coldplay Manila!

Several months ago, Coldplay announced that they’ll be having a concert here in the Philippines – as expected, tickets sold out right away, so even if you DID have the means to watch their concert, you couldn’t watch (and that’s already around 35,000 tickets)! My best friend, Courtney (whom you probably would recognize from this blog post) is an avid fan and was devastated when she found out that she wouldn’t be able to watch. As a supportive best friend, I couldn’t just stand by and do nothing – so I searched for every single contest for tickets available and joined as much as I could. Our last shot was Pepsi’s contest:

[Translation for international readers: “You still have a chance to win Coldplay Live in Manila tickets!” Don’t lose the chance to see and experience Coldplay: A Head Full of Dreams Tour with #PepsiSnapAndSync! Record yourself on Instagram holding a Pepsi product while lip syncing the featured Coldplay song of the week, share and tag us! Submission of entries is until March 30 so join now!”] (Photo from PepsiPH’s Instagram.

I swallowed my pride and embarrassment and used my ~communication arts skills~ to good use and made the video (which can be viewed on my Instagram (@philosophieyu). We had so much fun making the video and after a few days –

(Photo from PepsiPH’s Instagram) (My name is Sophia YSABELLE Yu, by the way HAHA – not Ysabella!)


So fast-forward to April 4, 2017 (Tuesday):

(Yes, my face is having some problems right now – it’s been a really stressful term AHHA)

We claimed our tickets and excitedly prepared ourselves.

The calm before the storm.
(So many people.)
The line for the merchandise store!
The line for the event – remember, we’re around 35,000. This line goes around the entire building to the streets!

We found out that we were supposed to line up at the courtesy line (because our tickets were complimentary) and happily went to the front!

We’re in!

Xylobands! (Sorry for the blurry photo!)

It really was an unforgettable night. Courtney and I finally ticked something off our “BFF bucket list” which was to watch a concert together. I could never forget that amazing feeling when you make your best friend so happy by making her dreams come true (which was to watch her favorite band/artist live)! This concert is really one of the best concerts that I’ve ever seen – the fireworks, the Xylobands, the lasers, and more – they spared no expense and showed how much they love their fans by presenting a once-in-a-lifetime kind of concert.

Thank you so much to Pepsi Philippines for making this possible. We are forever grateful for giving us this amazing opportunity.

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