Sophie Bakes: Honey Hotteok (호떡)

So I’ve got the baking bug again! Last week, I was browsing through some baking videos when I came across this:

(It’s Calcifer!)

(Click here to watch the video.)

Honey hotteok (pronounced ‘ho-tok’) is something like a “Korean filled pancake bread” and is a popular Korean street food. It got me curious – I’ve never tried to make any Korean food yet, so why not try something new? (Plus the fact that I won’t be using an oven?) The best part is that the ingredients aren’t too difficult to attain (also, I didn’t need to go to the supermarket for this recipe since I had everything I needed at home)!

Preparing all the things I’m going to use!

Here are the ingredients:

For the dough:
Bread flour 400g, Dry Yeast 6g, Salt 6g,
Sugar 45g, Milk 240g, 1 Egg, Butter 60g

For the filling:
Honey 60g, Brown sugar 100g, Water 100g,
Corn starch 20g, Cinnamon Powder 1/4 tsp
Salt 1/4 tsp

[For me, this recipe makes about 18 – 20 pieces]

(For the step-by-step procedure, kindly refer to the video!)

I started on the dough – I went right ahead and combined all the dry ingredients first then added the wet ingredients in later:

The dough stuck to my fingers like crazy and even after several minutes of kneading, nothing seemed to change so I had to add in more flour. When it reached a smooth consistency, I added in the softened butter (I recommend not to use softened butter, but keep the butter in the refrigerator until you’re ready to use it) and kneaded it some more until it reached this:

Yeah, it looks the same – but I swear there’s butter now.
I covered the dough to let it rise and worked on the honey-sugar filling next:

It would look extremely watery at first, but when it starts boiling, the consistency will turn into a syrup:

After the dough has risen, knead it some more and separate it into 50g per ball/bun:

(That’s my little sister helping out, by the way. Heehee.)

Then cover it for 15 minutes to let it rise some more.

In the meantime, prepare a non-stick frying pan and a cooling rack or plate nearby. After 15 minutes, flatten the dough using a rolling pin to let the air out and add the honey-sugar filling in the middle (not too much)! Flatten it a bit and put it straight in the frying pan. Cook it until one side turns golden brown and flip it – make sure to cover it to trap the heat inside! Flatten the bread a bit by using your spatula:

And voila – honey hotteok!

I ate one right as soon as it was warm enough for me to hold and – it’s not bad! The dough is good and chewy and the filling isn’t too sweet! I’d definitely make this again and experiment with what other things I can stuff inside. (In fact, I stuffed one of them with chocolate chips hee hee.) Maybe next time I can try the Cheese Hotteok or I can try to add nuts! The possibilities are endless!

Now for my personal comments:

If you look at this image, you can already tell that my hotteok looks different.

My mistakes:

– It’s too fat. I didn’t flatten the hotteok very well and it ended up looking like hopia (bean-filled moon cake-like pastry):

My family thought I was making hopia at first (it’s popular here in the Philippines and especially amongst Chinese people) so when they bit into it, they were suprised.

– I added too little or too much filling in some hotteok(s). The bread to filling ratio is not equal, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing? The bread itself is good, but you won’t really get to enjoy the filling. In fact, I had a ton of extra filling and I made it into a jam so that we could still eat it.

When I asked my dad how it tasted like, he replied “tastes like bread” – which is good and bad? HAHA.

Anyways, try the recipe out! It’s good – just don’t make the same mistakes I’ve made and be creative! ☺️

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