Asia Pop Comic Con 2017!

It’s that time of the year again – Asia Pop Comic Con 2017!

Just like last year, I went with my best friend Courtney!

We went on August 26!

I’d like to say that this year, I came more prepared (meaning, I brought more money – HAHA.)

When we go to APCC, we usually have three reasons why. First, the artists and their merch:

Just look at all those stickers!

Second, the special guests (guest artists or celebrities):

I wanted to buy an Artgerm print, but they didn’t have the design I wanted huhu.

And lastly, comics!

I usually spend the majority of my money buying stickers and such. Here’s my haul for this year:

Tokidoki merch (crown + flyer)

A wide variety of stickers (most of which is from We Bare Bears – which I’m obsessed with) (Can’t wait for the new episodes!)

We Bare Bear pins (I couldn’t resist!)

And a really cute We Bare Bears postcard!

That’s it for this year! I’m pleasantly surprised that my wallet survived this.

Now, I need to save up for the MIBF (Manila International Book Fair). Wish me luck.

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