Philippine Road Trip!

Last month, my professor from my Philippine history class gave the class a unique finals project. We had to go to six specific historical locations in the Philippines and take six specific photos: Aguinaldo Shrine (near his grave), Luneta Park (GomBurZa marker), Barasoain Church (Aguinaldo’s carriage), Mt. Samat (cross), Clark Museum (near the canon), and the San Agustin Church (grave of Miguel Lopez de Legaspi). What’s more is that we were given two weeks to go to all these places! To get an idea on how far all these are (from where I am), here’s a map:

I was seriously stressing out – but miraculously, I was able to visit them all! Now, hang on tight for a lengthy post as you tag along with me on my adventure!

My first stops were the closest to my university: Luneta Park and the San Agustin Church.

Luckily, I’ve been to Rizal/Luneta Park before so I knew what exactly to look for and where it is. We literally ran out the car, took the photo, and ran back – HAHA. We were running on a tight schedule (since they picked me up after my classes) and still needed to go to…

San Agustin Church!

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The next day, I went to the Aguinaldo Shrine.

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The house is so beautiful and I just love the fact that it had so many secret passages (for when Aguinaldo would escape his party guests when he gets tired or when he feels like taking a swim in his indoor pool). My sister and my aunt tagged along and we had a fun day trip looking at historical furniture and taking photos.

And on the last day, I squeezed the last three locations: Mt. Samat, Clark Museum, and the Barasoain Church.

I left my home at around 6 in the morning to go to Mt. Samat, and after the two-hour ride, we finally arrived!

Mt. Samat’s view is just incredible and I had a fun time taking photos (I got a little winded and dizzy climbing the stairs – it was just so high up!)

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Unfortunately, the elevator going up the cross was out of order, so I wasn’t able to get a better view of the whole thing.

After Mt. Samat, we immediately headed for Clark. We stopped by a nearby restaurant called Binulo for lunch (which I highly recommend!)

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After lunch, we headed for the Clark Museum.

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After going through the whole museum, we hurriedly went to Malolos to try to reach the Barasoain Church Museum before it closed (4 PM). Unfortunately, we didn’t reach the museum on time, but I was able to take my required photo.

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After the church, I felt sweet relief. I was finally done with the fast-paced road trip! To celebrate, my aunt and I went to the Eurobake restaurant for a celebratory snack.

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When I got back home I crashed on my bed, exhausted by the road trip. I’m glad I went to all these places – I got to know more about the history of the Philippines, spend time with family, and make new memories.

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