Sophie Bakes: Homemade Dog Treats

A couple of weeks ago, my little sister climbed one of our kitchen shelves and accidentally knocked over a jar of oatmeal. Instead of throwing it out, I decided to make dog treats instead (since my dogs started eating the oats on the floor like there’s no tomorrow.) I found this easy recipe from this website and tried it out.

That’s a lot of oatmeal.

The recipe calls for rolled oats, salt, egg, and beef broth or chicken broth. After I combined them all in a bowl, I found this bear-shaped ice tray (only because I don’t have cookie cutters at the moment) and filled it in with the mix.

I placed all the oat treats on a baking tray and popped it in the oven at around 325 degrees.

Twenty minutes later, these came out:

They were surprisingly soft to the touch and easy to break apart.

I gave it to my dogs and…

They pretty much ignored it. I guess they prefer their oats raw and plain? I had to repeatedly put a piece in their mouths just to make them taste it – at one point, they started eating it (only to make me stop feeding it to them, I think) and ate a piece or two just to be polite. My plan B was to feed it to the stray cats living in my house – they pretty much ignored it too (with one or two cats as an exception.) Oh, well. To each their own tastes! (Maybe it would help if I added peanut butter or something else.)

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