MIBF 2017 Book Haul!

Last month, just like every year, I went to the Manila International Book Fair (MIBF, for short). As expected, my wallet wasn’t ready for it (despite me trying to save for a year.)  Unlike last year, where I was able to go to the MIBF on two dates, I was only able to go once this year.

My aunt and I started on the second floor for children’s books!

Check out the number of people there are on the second floor!

Unfortunately, my phone died by the time my aunt and I headed for the first floor, so I didn’t get to take any more photos 😦

Here’s my book haul this year!

International books:
So Much I Want to Tell You: Letters to My Little Sister by Anna Akana – I was ecstatic to find a copy since I’ve been wanting one ever since it got released! Anna Akana is one of my favorite people on YouTube because of her inspiring videos and creative content.
 Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes by Rick Riordan – As a long-time Percy Jackson fan, I’ve been wanting a copy of this for a long time, but I’ve always hesitated to buy it since I have the other counterpart (Greek Gods) and I’ve been scared to accidentally make the mistake of buying a double copy.
Romeo and/or Juliet by Ryan North – THIS. I’ve been oogling at this book every time I go to a bookstore. I’m a sucker for choose-your-own-adventure books and with Shakespeare combined? It’s a done deal for me.

Local books:
Meläg by B. Redila – I’m a big fan of comic books and graphic novels (but I don’t own a lot, unfortunately). This term, I’m taking up a literature elective that focuses on the medium – which gives me a great excuse to buy lots of comics and graphic novels (yey!) This book contains a series of short comics, which goes right up my alley.
Dolly and Lavinia Explore the Interverse by Trizha Ko – What drew me in this little graphic novel are the colors and the amazing art, but I stayed for the cute story of two dogs trapped in the internet!
Ang Sakim sa Aparador (The Selfish China Cabinet) by Yellowbelle Duaqui – I bought this book to support the author, Miss Yellowbelle! She was my professor in sociology (my first ever class in university) and she also helped me a lot with my exchange program last year! [Also, I had her sign my copy! Heehee]
What Kids Should Know About Filipino Food by Felice Prudente Sta. Maria – Lastly, I got this children’s book on Filipino foods because – one, I love food; and two, I love the art!

Not in the photo:
A week after the book fair, I bought a second-hand graphic novel, called The Sculptor by Scott McCloud, from my favorite online bookstore, Aklatan! I’ve been wanting this copy ever since it got recommended to me by one of my previous literature professors in university.

That’s about it! ‘Till the next blog post! 🙂

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