Hokkaido 2017 (Part 2)!

 Without further adieu, here is part two! (You could read part one here.)

Day 3: September 2

I booked a private van via SkyExpress for today’s trip since we’d be traveling quite a distance. I got the Furano and Biei Day Tour package and it was amazing! The package included visits to Furano Cheese Factory, Jam Factory, Anpan Man Shop, Tomita Farm, and Patchwork Road. You could also request up to two stops without additional cost. This particular tour is only available from June to September.

Our driver for the day picked us up from the hotel early in the morning and off we headed for Furano! Our driver gave us about an hour or two per stop, as we only have limited time; which is understandable seeing that we still have a LOT of places to go! 🙂 Our first stop was Shikisai no Oka, which we requested as an additional stop. My cousin and I were the most excited because we saw photos of the flower fields online! And, boy, did it not disappoint.

Literally took my breath away.

Additionally, you could rent a cart to drive around (I think for 15 minutes)? Just make sure to bring your driver’s license.

(L-R) My cousin, my mom, and I


We had a mini-photoshoot with all the flowers!

Behind-the-scenes HAHA

Aside from a blooming flower field, they also had a small alpaca farm where you can pay ¥500 to feed them.

Aren’t they cute? Huhu they’re really fluffy too.

Our next stop was the famous Lavender Farm Tomita (personally, this was the highlight of the today’s trip for me.) We had lunch first in their café.

That’s my mom at the back heehee

A closer look at their menu!

I ordered the croquette curry (one of my favorite curry combinations). The croquette is made from Hokkaido potatoes, too!

After lunch, my cousin and I separated from the others and went around taking photos.

Of course, I had to take photos of lavenders at place called “Lavender Farm Tomita” HAHA

Tried not to breathe while I approached this bee and took this shot.

Mini “orchestra” at Tomita Lavender Farm!

Hello again, Mama hehe

My cousin and I ended up near the back of the entire farm and found where they brew their lavender perfume.

This is how they give samples of their perfume!

Behind-the-scenes of how they make and package their products.

I also bought myself a postcard and sent it to myself (which I’ve received already!) We were so preoccupied going around, we lost track of time (oops) and had to sprint to the van! At the last minute, I quickly bought their famous lavender soft cream!

The flavor is light and not too sweet. I felt like it cleansed my palette, haha!

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to visit the Tomita Melon House (which I only discovered later on, was beside the lavender farm!) (Huhu – maybe next time?)

Our next stop was Patchwork Road. We only stayed here for 10 minutes, since it’s mostly scenery.

Next stop was the Furano Cheese Factory!

They had a lot of cheese and other dairy products for sale (not to mention free tastes of different cheeses!)


They also had pizza for sale (which I wanted to try huhu but we had to leave right away.)

Second to the last stop would be the Jam Factory!

Jam overload!

They sold different types of jam – from sweet jams to more savory flavors. You could even sample all of them!
My personal favorites were the blueberry and strawberry jams!

Our last stop was a free stop by our driver! He brought us here to take last-minute photos, which was really lovely.

How fitting! After coming from a jam factory, we see this!

(L-R) Me, my mom, my grandma, my grandpa, and my cousin!

After a long and tiring day, we drove back to the hotel, thanked our driver, had light dinner, and went to bed.

Day 4: September 3

After three days of waking up really early, I made the fourth day a free day.

We spent our day shopping at the Tanukikoji Shopping Arcade!

We decided to eat lunch here!

Unagi set for lunch!

Around late afternoon, my grandparents got tired, so they headed back for the hotel with my mom accompanying them. Meanwhile, my cousin and I wandered around the area.

Sapporo TV Tower!

I wanted to go up the TV Tower, but I heard that the view at night would be better, so I chose to go later on or on the last night.

My cousin and I wanted to go to Tokyu Hands (a must when you’re in Japan!) when we coincidentally found an Ippudo Ramen branch! It was getting chilly, and we were getting tired (not to mention broke haha) so we headed inside for dinner.


I was craving for something sweet to end the night when I saw the famous Cremia premium soft cream from a distance! Despite living in Tokyo for several months, I’ve never had the chance to try it. I only found out how good it was through online reviews when I got back. So I was overjoyed to find it in Sapporo!

The saleslady gave me the large plastic model to pose with HAHA


Day 5: September 4

The next day, we headed for the nearby Sapporo Factory to shop. Fun fact: this place used to be Japan’s first beer brewery!

What psyched us most was the large PetLand store! It’s a pet-lover’s wonderland!

They even had a mini-bakery for pups huhu so cute

After a filling lunch in Lotteria, we headed for the main wing of the mall.


Outside, you can still see the remains and history of Sapporo Factory.

I still had one more thing I wanted to do in Sapporo before going back the Manila. Since it was our last night, I asked my mom if I could go to the TV Tower by myself (everyone else was busy packing – I prepared ahead and packed everything in already.)

The mascots are so cute!

Loving the art inside the elevator!

After paying the entrance fee, I headed up!

Right beside this would be a fortune-telling gatcha – I got best luck!

Really wanted to take a purikura, but I was too shy to since I was alone HAHA

The view from above! The camera couldn’t really capture the wonder, but the view was breathtaking!

“Ho ho ho”

The Sapporo TV Tower family!

Huhu so cute

One happy kid right here!

It was the 60th anniversary when I went, so there were a lot of limited edition merchandise!

The night was so peaceful, I walked all the way back to the hotel, thinking of the good times when I lived in Japan.

One last Famichiki from Family Mart! Huhu. Absolute favorite.

Day 6: September 5 (Last day 😦 )

We headed to the airport early since there was a lot to do and see in New Chitose Airport!

Limited-edition Hokkaido Onion chips!

Smile Road for Royce Chocolate World!

For the last hurrah, Royce Chocolate World!

Royce Chocolate World-limited items!

My aunt went here before and told me all about the Royce Chocolate bakery. She even bought me some Royce doughnuts to taste! I knew I had to hoard buy a lot of bread for home!

These are all the bread I bought heehee.

I didn’t plan this, but my sweater (if you look closely) is full of bears!

For lunch, we headed for Ramen Street (yes, still in the airport.)

I knew I wanted to try the popular Hokkaido Butter Ramen –

And so I did.

I know I’ve said this too many times already, but IT WAS GOOD!

And that about wraps up my entire trip! Phew! Thank you for sticking around with me for the duration of the entire post! 🙂

I’m regularly working on my content (with writing, quality of photos, editing, etc.) so if you have any comments or suggestions, please leave them below! Coming up next would be another travel post (Hong Kong!) So stay tuned for that 🙂


Thank you for reading!

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    I love the logo, btw.
    Japan is GORGEOUS OMG.
    I can see why you love it so much HAHAHA
    You know, Japan as a vacay spot to me before was like, ehhh,
    Why go there, what’s in there ba?
    But after reading your blog posts (and hearing your stories), I’m like,
    Great job girl! I love it!!

    PS. I swear your whole face lights up when you talk about Japan HAHAHAHA

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