Hong Kong 2017!

Tad late on this post! Oh, well.

Early November last year, I went to Hong Kong with my family for a short 4-day trip, and I was (again) in charge of the itinerary.

Day 1: November 3

Touchdown, Hong Kong!

We had snacks here (I ordered a mantou – one of my favs!)

I was pleasantly surprised to find a “My Cup Noodle Factory” here! (Something to do when I visit HK again.)

Since it was a short trip, and our only two priorities were Disneyland and Ngong Ping, we stayed at Novotel Citigate, which was literally 10 minutes (or less) away from the airport. It was super convenient because they provided us a free shuttle to the hotel from the airport, it was two stops away from Hong Kong Disneyland, and from our hotel window view –

Ngong Ping was just within walking distance!

Since it was still pretty early, I convinced my mom to go shopping with my in Causeway Bay (while everyone else took a nap to catch up on much-needed sleep.) No Hong Kong trip for me would be complete without a visit to IKEA, after all.

Day 2: November 4

Rise and shine! Today, we’ll be going to Hong Kong Disneyland – yay!

If you know me, I make it a point to go from opening hours and leave closing hours just to make the most out of my day.

My little sister, Hannah!

Sisters selfie 💖

It was such a beautiful, sunny day in Disneyland (though it did rain later in the evening.)

  We were welcomed in the park with a mini-parade!

My brother and I separated from the group first to get on a bunch of ~extreme~ rides (roller coasters, basically.)


After two or three rides, we met up with the rest of my family for lunch, though, then took Hannah from our parents (who didn’t really want to get on anything) for a few ‘kiddie’ rides.

Excuse the awkward smiles, haha!  

Later at night, the others went ahead to the hotel – so it was only my brother and I (plus a few other relatives) still in the park. We decided to splurge a bit for a nice, fancy dinner in Disneyland (because we never really properly ate in a Disney park growing up because it was too expensive.)

Luckily, the set menu in Plaza Inn Restaurant (by Maxim’s!) is within our price range.

The selected set menu (HKD 198/ person) included:

Crabmeat & Corn Soup  Braised Vegetables with Fresh Mushrooms  Fried Rice with Shrimps & Diced Pork  Classic Sweet & Sour Pork with Pineapple Chunks  Sautéed Shrimp & Sliced ChickenMickey Mouse Coconut Pudding  Look at that happy face, HAHA.

The meal was really good! Would definitely try going here for the lunch menu next time.

A day well-spent.

Day 3: November 5

On our last full day, we headed for Ngong Pink 360 and Tsim Sha Tsui. It’s a good thing our hotel was located so close to Ngong Ping – the line was really fast and we didn’t have to wait long at all!

  My family (at least, the ones who wanted to go to Ngong Ping, haha!)

The view is breathtaking!

After an hour or so, we finally arrived!

Took me around 10 takes to get a cable car behind me, haha!

The weather was so warm, I immediately bought a fruit iced treat.

Hoarded on these for Christmas gifts!

We didn’t get to explore everything thoroughly because we had to go back and meet up with my other family members (which means, I need to go back!) After a hearty lunch in Subway, we went back to the hotel and headed for Tsim Sha Tsui.

Was pleasantly surprised that a Jollibee would be opening here (I think it’s actually open now.)

My brother and I again separated from the group to explore around.

A must-do is to eat street food!

I am a sucker for egg waffles.

So good 😭

We later on rendezvoused near the bay area, had dinner (yes, after we ate so much street food), and headed back.

Had Ovaltine soft cream for dessert in Mcdonalds! It’s super yummy and I still dream about it.

Day 4: November 6

A quick retreat was what I needed to feel refreshed again! Our flight left really early in the morning, so we arrived back in Manila before lunch. I immediately ran to class after we landed, HAHA. What an adventure!

But, there’s more! My best friend and I won slots at an ASEAN Camp in Bangkok, Thailand – which I will get to in my next travel blog post (I hope)!

‘Till then! 🙂

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