Big Bad Wolf Book Fair Haul (2018)

After weeks of eagerly waiting (and saving), the Big Bad Wolf Book Fair finally makes its debut in the Philippines! I stayed up-to-date with the book fair, making sure that I didn’t miss a single post. Sure enough, they gave away hundreds of preview passes that’s good for the day before opening to the public. I—of course—had to join the contest and was one of the lucky people who won preview passes!

Bright and early on the 15th of February.

I invited my friends to come with me, as each pass allowed two people. Luckily, my university is near the venue (World Trade Center), so my best friend and I commuted. We left early in the morning and finally arrived around 8:30 AM, thirty minutes before opening!

I’m in love with the tickets!

Nicole and I! (My other two friends came in later and I didn’t get to take a photo with them.)

After impatiently waiting for thirty minutes, the doors finally opened and I was breathless with all the books around me!

Pays to go early!

I love how neatly all the books were stacked!

Gorgeous books for an even more gorgeous price!

Even their plastic is cute!

After preview day, I knew I had to go back. The books were really cheap and I was not going to let this opportunity to book hunt go to waste. After all, it’s open for 24 hours! I went back another day with my aunt and spent an even longer time at the book fair. In total, I was able to grab nine books for myself (in no particular order):

* Click on the images to enlarge them! *

1. The Great Showdowns by Scott C. [Php 190]

I fell in love with the illustrations and was incredibly amused with the characters. I had a fun time browsing through it and guessing who the characters were. Definitely one of my favorite buys!

2. Peanuts by Schulz, a Scanimation Book [Php 190]

I’ve been wanting this book for SO long. It’s incredible and whenever you turn the pages of the book, the pictures move! It’s very expensive if you buy it full price, so I was really happy to find it at such a steal (and in awesome condition, too!)

3.  Fortune Favors the Brave by Lisa Congdon [Php 290]

I love the art and the quotes in this book! Been eyeing this in bookstores for a while, but never really had the guts to buy it (again, because it was too expensive for me.) I actually found this book by chance-someone discarded it on the side, and I grabbed it immediately. Can’t wait to look through this properly and use it for art-spiration!

4. Snoopy: Party Animal [Php 190]

Couldn’t resist but buy at least one Snoopy/Peanuts comic collection! There were a ton of other collections I saw during preview day, but I didn’t buy it at that time (alas!) So, I bought this on my second visit and am really happy with it!

5. P.S. I Love You – Cecelia Ahern [Php 190]

Finally,  I own a copy of this! I read this years ago and remember how much I cried reading it, haha. Can’t wait to ride the rollercoaster of feelings when I reread this in the future.

6. Send Something Beautiful by Emily Hogarth [Php 290]

I’ve been wanting to seriously pursue papercutting (I tried in the past and, well, I tried), so I was really happy to find such a gorgeous book with so many templates! Can’t wait to do these art projects, hehe.

7. Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella [Php 190]

I love Sophie Kinsella’s books-they were basically a big chunk of my high school reading list. Ecstatic to find a copy of Finding Audrey in great condition, not to mention: it’s hardbound! (What a steal!)

8. Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert [Php 230]

This book has been collecting dust bunnies on my wishlist for quite some time. Can’t wait to tackle this book!

And, last but not least:

9. Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake graphic novel [Php 390]

I’ve been wanting to own an Adventure Time graphic novel for a long time already, but again, it was pricey. When I saw this at the book fair, I immediately grabbed it and placed it in my cart. Bonus because it’s Fionna and Cake!

And that’s my book haul for the Big Bad Wolf Book Fair! It’s time to save up for the Manila International Book Fair next, haha (I’m not kidding!) RIP wallet.

Did you guys go to the book fair? What did you get? 🙂

Or do you have any book recommendations for me to hunt for? Leave them down in the comments below!

Until the next post!


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