Bad Bird’s Private Tasting Event

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that I’m such a sucker for contests and random draws. So, when I saw this in my email on the 25th of February,

I knew I had to try and enter their lottery draw for seats. The next day, I got this in my email:


That’s a LOT!

The day before, I invited my bestie, Chiara, to have this feast with me. (And feast we did.) I was pretty excited because I’ve always wanted to try out Bad Bird, but never really got the chance to. We arrived at Robinsons Manila thirty minutes early and hungrily loitered around until 5:30 PM.

Little commemorative photo before anything!

Chiara looking over the menu.

After overwhelmingly ordering our meals, we waited in agony for what felt like hours (when, in reality, it’s just 30 minutes.)

The first thing we were served was their Yuzu drink, which was excellent and refreshing. Shortly after, our appetizers popped up one at a time! I was expecting two appetizers to choose from, per the email, but the waitress said that we get to pick three instead of two! Wow! (Click here for the menu.)

I picked the Shrimp and Scallion soup—which tasted so good: it was really flavourful,

the Sweet Corn and Cheese—think mac and cheese but with corn instead,

and their Hush Puppies—which is basically cornbread.

This dish was pretty good, but I wish they had some sort of dip or a topping that could help with the taste.

Inside the Hush Puppy!

Chiara ordered the same things as I did, minus the Sweet Corn and Cheese. Instead, she got the Pan-Fried Fish Cakes—which was light and chewy.

Following these dishes, our fried chicken plates arrived right after. I ordered their Waffle Plate—

The waffles are made from sweet potato!

and Chiara ordered their popular Dirty Rice Plate!

At this point, I was beginning to feel full—and I didn’t even finish one of my other appetizers yet! The waitress suddenly returned and gave us their “surprise dish”, which was their Pork Belly Flame Grilled Meat.

The pork was so soft and filled with a lot of flavors—a mix of sweet and tangy.

This is what my side of the table looked like.

And this is what the whole table looked like. Crazy, right?!

Chiara and I were so full, and I barely had room for dessert—which came right after.

Chiara ordered the chocolate ice cream dish:

And I had the vanilla ice cream. Just as I finished it, the waitress suddenly came over and gave me another serving?!

At the end of the meal, I felt so full, I couldn’t really move—haha! It’s was a good thing they allowed takeaway because we took out some of the dishes. While everything was tasty, I don’t think I could or would develop the habit of over-eating anytime soon. We tried our best not to leave any wasteful leftovers and took the rest home.

That’s the end of this deliciously sinful meal. (The next day, I ate a lot of greens to compensate, haha!)

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