Bangkok 2017 (Seeding the Future ASEAN Camp)!

Here I go again with the late posts! (Huhu.) And, as usual, the cause of it is mostly school work and thesis! That’s right! By the time you’ll read this, I’m finished with the first part of my thesis (which would be the research and conceptualization) and I’m now working on the actual thesis itself! My thesis is a children’s book that I’ll be writing and illustrating myself. Wish me luck! (I’ll surely write a blog post about the entire process one of these days.)

Now, some backstory on this post. Two years ago, I submitted my application for PTT’s Seeding the Future ASEAN Camp and I didn’t get accepted. Not giving up, I tried out again this year with my best friend, Courtney (this is the first time the camp accepted applications by the pair!) After tensely waiting for weeks, we got the big news: we got accepted to the ASEAN Camp! Everything after that happened really fast—we met up with the other pairs who were picked as well, had a send-off party from the company, and packed for our trip!

Team PH from batch 2017 and earlier batches + admins of PTT!

The camp was held from November 19 to 24—yes, I didn’t go to classes for a week (excused, though.) Courtney slept over the night before our flight and we headed for the airport in the wee hours of the morning. We were really excited for several reasons: it was our first official trip abroad together, we were excited to meet new people, we were excited to learn new things, and we were excited to visit Thailand for the first time!

The morning of our departure!

Team Philippines! (L-R: Glen, Jardine, Phebe, Celine, Courtney, and me!)

BTS of our documenting everything, ha-ha!

Touchdown, Bangkok!

A little selfie I took in the airport, hehe. (I sent this to my Thai friends, Pam and Mye!)

After a few hours of travel (and naps), we finally arrived in Bangkok, Thailand! We each bought internet sims and looked for the PTT representative that will pick us up. (We couldn’t believe that we were actually here!)

Team Philippines again! (L-R: Phebe, Celine, Jardine, me, Courtney, Miss Cheng–our rep from PTT PH, and Glen!)

We met up with other PTT pairs, too!

A few hours later, we were comfortably checked in our hotel and had some free time to lounge about before our first general assembly with the entire camp.

“Let’s take the cliché comfort room selfie here!”

With so many activities and getting-to-know-you games, I can confidently say that it was a night to remember. I met a lot of wonderful people (despite my introvert-self working double time memorizing everyone’s face + name, haha!) We even met another fellow Filipino who was based in Thailand (Mike!) After an overwhelming welcome from PTT and the entire camp (not to mention the memory game we had to play by memorizing everyone’s name—which I completely messed up huhu), we tucked in for the night, excited what the next few days would bring us.

PTT ASEAN Camp Family!

So much had happened throughout the next few days, and I wouldn’t dare write down every single detail down here. Instead, here’s a photo diary of the events that happened for the rest of the trip:

Team Philippines all glammed up in national costume! (L-R: Glen, Miss Cheng, Phebe, Celine, Mike, Jardine, Cot, and me!)


At PTT Thailand HQ!

At night, we worked in our team to develop a business strategy for PTT Philippine’s Cafe Amazon.

We also visited the oil plants,

the VISTEC campus,

and Café Amazon!

They gave us a small demonstration on how to make a great cup of coffee!

Cups of green tea drinks for us (I got the chocolate drink, though, hehe.)

And, of course, no trip is complete without a quick jump shot!

One of my favorite photos of Team PH!

And this would be one of my favorite bestie photos of our trip!

There’s so much color everywhere! 😍

Breathtaking sunset views.

A must-try! Thai milk tea is so good.

I also had an iced dessert (I forgot what this is called, but it’s basically like Thailand’s Halo-halo?)

Beach day with the bestie!

It rained while they were playing on the beach and everyone had to wear colorful raincoats!

A candid shot of me, heehee.

“Closing day” and awarding!

Culture night! Everyone brought snacks from their country and we all shared it together.

It was such a bittersweet night with lots of hugging, laughter, and tears. (Moreso after we watched the highlight video, huhu.) Also, on our last night, we went to the night market to meet Pam and Mye! (If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ll know that they’re the friends I met during my exchange program in Japan!)

Feels great to be reunited even for a little while!

Pam and I!

Courtney and I eating some Thai food, hehe.

Mye recommended that we try the pink milk, and it’s really good! Huhu. It’s sweet and refreshing.

Me and Mye (in a 7-11 hehe)

A few hours later (#teamnosleep), we headed to the airport for our departure. It was really a bittersweet moment. There was still so much to do and see—which means, we have to go back one day!

Touchdown, Manila!

That’s our trip! We learned so much about Thailand, culture, the business behind PTT’s Cafe Amazon, the oil industry, coffee, and ourselves. We are extremely grateful that we got the opportunity to experience all of this. Thank you to everyone who supported us and made our entire trip wonderful. You know who you are! 🙂

And thank you for reading until the end! ‘Till the next blog post!

4 thoughts on “Bangkok 2017 (Seeding the Future ASEAN Camp)!

  1. Chris PH

    Hello! Do you have any tips on creating the self-introduction video (or anything that would help in increasing my chances of getting accepted)? Also, is this a fully-funded program? Thank you and looking forward to your answers! :))


    1. Hello! 🙂 Just be yourself! Express how much you want to go and follow all the instructions as listed down for the application. It helps to have a good video that is clear and shows you spent time and effort on it. Don’t film it in the mall as you walk, for example; a more professional and sit down application would be better. Also, be creative. Remember, these people will watch about a hundred entries. Make your video stand out.

      And, yes, it was fully funded during my year.

      Good luck!


  2. AttyChiaraMD

    The Thai milk tea looks so odd in the plastic bag HAHAHA
    My mind told me it looked like curry, but it’s to orange to be curry xD
    Again, good job on the documenting part! Loovee this post! More to come!!

    Liked by 1 person

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