Bicol 2018!

Hello, everyone!

A-ha, you weren’t expecting another blog post so soon, eh? Well, a few days ago, I went to Bicol (my mom’s home province) for a mini-vacation with some of my relatives. It was such a nice treat right after my classes officially finished for the term. The night before we went to Bicol, I stayed at my relative’s home in Alabang for the night (since going to Bicol from my house way up north is just carsickness waiting to happen.) A few hours later (around 4 in the morning), we left Alabang and went through a 9-hour road trip to Bicol.

For reference, here is how far Bicol is from Alabang (and my house!)

Honestly, I don’t really remember much of the 9-hour drive. I mostly slept (so I wouldn’t get carsick), listened to the entire Hamilton OST, and played video games. We arrived just a bit after lunch time and rested up for the remainder of the day. The following morning, we went to Panicuason Hot Spring Resort!

Look how gorgeous and serene it is:

Hehe, spotted this little monkey statue. A lot of people go inside the hoop/ hug and take pictures in it.

The water is so clear!

It’s such a refreshing sight to see as compared to the buildings, noise, and smoke I see on an everyday basis in the city. We spent the rest of the day chilling around the resort. (I know, it doesn’t seem like I was that productive, but I DID work on my thesis while I was on this trip! Haha.) (Yes, I am one of those people.) The next day, we headed up the hill to see the view.

My cousin rode the horse going uphill. As for me?

The rest of us rode in the green carriage (?) behind this carabao/water buffalo.

I swear, riding up the hill behind a water buffalo is definitely an experience. It was…nature’s natural rollercoaster, ha-ha! When we reached the top, a breathtaking view welcomed us in.

I felt like I could run around in circles singing, “The hills are alive with the sound of music.”

I lazed around the rest of the afternoon, watching the colors of nature change right in front of me.

Orange and browns for afternoons.

Spectacular sunset!

Of course, I HAD to take photos during golden hour. (Of course, that means I took jump shots of other people and the scenery. I only decided last-minute that I should have at least one photo of myself in the entire trip!)

This was the only shot that made it, ha-ha!

A purple and blue evening.

After dinner, we had tents pitched up and roasted hotdogs in the campfire.

Three mountains? Hehe.

It was such a nice way to end the day, and I slept peacefully right after. The following morning, I took some final photos before we headed downhill.

The campfire was still warm (and if you look closely in this photo, you’ll see it smoking a bit.)

I adore looking at pretty flowers. (Here are more flowers to look at from my previous Hokkaido trip!)

Here we are again!

Nature’s roller coaster, I tell you.

That’s basically my trip! We spent the next day resting and going to the mall before heading back to Manila. I know that this blog post + trip is pretty short, but I thought it was a great breather for me before I really jump back to working on my thesis amongst other things. Hopefully, the next blog post would be a Hobonichi wrap up for the months of February and March (which I still am in the process of doing—oops), but here’s January’s wrap up for a refresher!

Thank you so much for reading! Until the next blog post 🙂

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