May Hobonichi Wrap-Up! (ほぼ日)

Hello, everyone! I’m back with another Hobonichi Wrap-Up. (If you want to start from January, click here!) Without further adieu, here are the entries for May—

Honestly, I wasn’t too happy with this spread, HAHA. But it’s good practice, though.

One incredible thing happened on the last day of the month! Our dog Luli gave birth to four puppies. Unfortunately, two of them didn’t make it, but the two puppies who made it are:

a little girl pup named Hershey and…

a little boy pup named Oreo!

Those are their tentative names right now, but I like them (well, the other names we thought of are Bean and Barley.) If you have any name recommendations, feel free to comment them down below!

Until the next post!

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