Singapore 2018!

Hello, everyone! It’s been quite a while. I have a few pending blog posts I’d like to share here—and I will soon! I just finished my thesis (yes!) and am currently waiting for my defense at the end of the month, which means I have more time to write, yey!

A few weeks ago, I headed to Singapore (my first time!) for a brief 3-day trip. It was mostly a business trip (plus a little leisure) and I was in the middle of making my thesis (more on this in a separate post) so I was feeling anxious before the trip, thinking about the workload I can’t do while I’m there. Later on, I realized that a 3-day break was just what I needed. Before the trip, I was painting non-stop (my thesis is a children’s book which I wrote and illustrated.) Sometimes, the most difficult thing about working is knowing when to take a break.

Day 1

The night before, it suddenly hit me that I was going to Singapore. I suddenly got waay too excited—I’ve been dreaming about visiting that country for so long, and now, I’m actually going! Our flight was early in the morning (when isn’t it?) so we left home rather early and several hours later, we boarded our plane (Singapore Airlines—another first!)


The entire flight was pleasant, the airplane food was good, and the in-flight entertainment? Wonderful!

I finally got to watch the Isle of Dogs! I’m so happy (also, it’s now up there with The Grand Budapest Hotel as my top Wes Anderson film favorites!)

Fast forward to a couple more hours later, we’ve finally landed in Singapore! Right away, I’m impressed by Changi Airport—I could see why it’s one of the best in the world. As soon as we got out of the airport, we booked a Grab and headed for our rented apartment. While waiting for check-in, we had lunch at the hawker center across the street.

I finally got to try a long-time curiosity of mine: carrot cake!

After lunch, we checked-in our apartment and headed for Office Expo Asia, where we spent the rest of the afternoon. The expo was interesting—there were a lot of products that surely intrigued me.

View from our apartment!

After the expo, we walked around to admire the view and decided to have dinner in the Marina Bay Sands Area.

If you squint, you could see the Merlion, haha!

Digital immersive playground for kids!

We headed for one of the food courts in the area and scouted the food available. Right away, I knew what I was going to eat as soon as my eyes landed on it:

Hainanese chicken!

My aunt and I ordered the set menu and split the meal.

Meanwhile, my dad, uncle, and cousin ordered food from other establishments in the area.

For dessert, my eyes were set on Venchi gelato. My aunt highly recommended it, and after tasting a small spoonful, I could see why.

This is honestly one of the best gelatos I’ve ever tasted—I wish I could bring home a large batch and eat it whenever I have down days. I’m surely going to hunt for this the next time I travel.

After dinner and dessert, we headed back to our apartment using the train and tucked in for the night. We had a day of sightseeing ahead of us the next day!

Day 2

View again from our apartment!

Last night, before sleeping, I wondered out loud to my aunt about the possibilities of breakfast the next day. We ended up watching videos about Kaya Toast just before sleeping, which would explain our sudden craving and need to eat it the following morning. As soon as we all got ready to go, we walked to the nearest Ya Kun Kaya Toast for breakfast. I ordered the Butter and Sugar Toast (it came with a side of two soft boiled eggs and a choice of kopi or tea—I picked tea.) I hungrily added in (a little too much) soy sauce and white pepper and munched on my breakfast.

I could get addicted to this.

Just beside the restaurant was a post office. Naturally, I bought a stamp and a postcard, then proceeded to send myself a postcard. (The man said I should expect it to arrive in 6 days…and it miraculously did!)

After breakfast, we booked a Grab and headed for the National Gallery Singapore. I was so excited to go—I’ve always wanted to go museum hopping in Singapore, and now I could finally visit one of the museums on my list! As soon as I walked in, I was instantly amazed (and giddy, heehee.)

Look at just how gorgeous it is! (And this is just the entrance/exit!)

At first, we were deciding between the Singapore Art Museum and this, but when I saw that there was an on-going exhibition called Children’s Festival: Small Big Dreamer in the National Gallery, I knew I wanted to see it.

My outfit matches the color scheme + theme of the exhibit, haha! Totally not planned.

The children’s exhibit was better than what I imagined! One of the first things from the children’s exhibit was this interactive colorful wall! (Basically, you could stick colorful velcroed triangles on the wall to make your own design/pattern!)

Of course, I had to join in. Heehee.

In the same room were other pieces and another interactive piece.

Wall art made from colorful sponges!

On the opposite side of the room was this pool noodle art! Kids and kids-at-heart could leave their mark on the wall by attaching different pool noodles of different sizes and color.

Just outside this room was a mirror illusion walkway that I tried out. From an observer’s perspective, it looks like this:

but when you’re on it, it looks like this:

I promise you, I got nervous walking through this! Haha! Not recommended for people with a fear of heights, for sure.

After that, we explored the other areas of the museum.

I quickly colored this wing and added it to the wall!

I match with the wall! Hehe.

A print-making/stamping area!

This is the piece I made, hehe.

After exploring the children’s festival exhibit, we went to the other wings of the gallery. I gotta tell you, everything was just beautiful.

Hello there!

Later at the museum shop, I purchased an art book and a few postcards. There were a lot of books I would’ve bought as well, but the price made me change my mind fast, haha!

I’m so amused with the “Artist Block” eraser, haha!

We spend a few hours looking through the exhibitions and the pieces on display. For lunch, my cousin specifically asked for a Mcdonalds (he loves eating McSpicy chicken!)

I ordered the Buttermilk Chrispy Chicken sandwich.

Coincidentally, the McDonalds was just beside our next destination: the Bras Basah Complex!

Look at all those floors. Somebody hold my wallet!

You bet I bought a couple of things from this place!

After shopping for art books and supplies, we walked to a nearby mall. Along the way, we passed by the SAM (Singapore Art Museum)—I guess, at the end of the day, you could say I pretty much went to both my museum choices, haha.

It’s St. John Baptist De La Salle! Haha! Animo!

For dinner, we surprisingly found a Hoshino’s restaurant in the mall, which made us really happy. (I make it a point to visit Hoshino’s whenever I go to Japan if I can.) And we had breakfast for dinner!

My aunt ordered the matcha pancake soufflé,

my dad had the original pancake soufflé,

and I had the seasonal strawberry pancake soufflé! My favorite.

My uncle and my cousin ordered other Japanese dishes (which were delicious as well.) After our breakfast-for-dinner, we headed back to our apartment and began packing because we’ll be going home the next day; time flies! Later that evening, we got a little hungry again and my aunt went out to buy some food. When she came back, she gave me a surprise:

Some Strawberry Royal Pudding from Paris Baguette! It’s so delicious. I’m still dreaming about it (plus, their packaging is really cute! I brought it home and used it for art.)

Day 3

For our last day, we woke up bright and early and crossed the street for another hawker center meal. For a “last hurrah,” I ordered a kaya toast set for breakfast—I’m really going to miss this!

Before going back to the apartment to check-out, my aunt and I dropped by Paris Baguette for a pudding run! This time I got chocolate, hehe.

I ate it as soon as we got to the apartment, washed it, and stuffed it in my luggage. We were hurrying a bit because our checkout was at 11AM and we had one more place to go before the airport: IKEA! 

Before this day, the only other IKEA I’ve ever been to is the one in Hong Kong and I just have to say I am in love with IKEA in Singapore—it’s huge! This IKEA even has a food hall!

I am just amazed at these food carts—we need this back at home!

After being overwhelmed with the items on the menu, I decided to get an apple juice, a plate of pasta and meatballs (after all, when you’re in IKEA, you must have the meatballs), and a Swedish cake with marzipan (princess cake!) The food is really good, and I’m in love with the food hall. Will definitely come back when given the chance!

After hours in IKEA, we headed for the airport and dropped off our heavy luggage (seriously, we had one designated luggage just for IKEA!) We didn’t really explore Changi Airport anymore as we were worried to run out of time. Instead, I had a snack (also my last official meal in Singapore, huhu!)

I had the chicken and noodles dish (I forgot the name huhu) and my dad and aunt split a kaya toast set!

Good-bye, Singapore. I was nice to meet you. Hope to see you again soon!

View from the plane—this is Singapore from above!

That was my trip! I had a great time exploring Singapore, and I wish I had more time to thoroughly explore some more! Maybe one day. On the other hand, I am grateful for the 3-day escape. I came back home, filled with inspiration and the willingness to finish my thesis (and I did!)

Do you have any recommendations for me the next time I’ll go to Singapore? Drop them down in the comments below!

‘Till the next blog post,


3 thoughts on “Singapore 2018!

  1. Congratulations on finishing your thesis! I also have a hard time writing down and posting blogs even though I have a lot of them still pending because of work. Hehe. Nice trip! I’m also planning to go to Singapore-Malaysia some time!


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