August Hobonichi Wrap-Up! (ほぼ日)

Hello everyone! We’re half-way through September already, and I thought it would be a great time to post my August Hobonichi wrap-up. Last month was one of the most important months of my academic life since I submitted my thesis and defended it a few weeks later—I’ll talk more about my thesis in a future blog post (there’s just so much that happened!) For now, please enjoy my wrap-up:

Submitted my thesis and watched the new Mission Impossible movie to celebrate—a great way to start the month!

R: My aunt had an operation and I stayed overnight in her hospital room to watch/assist her.

R: *Ako (or A-ko): the elder sister of your father; my aunt

L: Went back to Taft to do a few errands (and claim my graduation photos! 🙈)

L: Went to the Philippine Readers and Writers Festival for the first time! R: Also, binged RuPaul’s Drag Race (yass!)

L: My defense is scheduled at the end of the month! R: My sister’s first day in the second grade.

L: The full 2019 Hobonichi line up is released today! Yey!
R: Jiro Dreams of Sushi—10/10 would recommend watching this documentary!

L: Met up with some of my besties for breakfast (also a “good-luck-with-your-defense” send-off?)
R: My defense day! Thesis officially defended!

L: Last day in Team ABC (minus the work I still have to do at home.)

R: Crazy Rich Asian movie count: 2 (I watched it twice by today.)

L: Crazy Rich Asian movie count: 3 (Love this movie so much!)
R: Hello, September!

That’s it for last month’s wrap-up! I’m officially done with university—yey! Still working on this month’s (September) entries (I admit, I’m lagging behind a bit 😅.) I have two more pending blog posts to share: this year’s MIBF (Manila International Book Fair Haul) and my “Thesis It Journey!”

‘Till the next blog post,
Sophie 🙂

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