MIBF 2018 Book Haul!

Two things: first, this is officially my 100th blog post! Horray! I’m so proud to reach this milestone for my blog. Thank you for sticking around and reading my stories. Second, here is my haul for this year’s Manila International Book Fair. I make it a point to go every year and buy all the books I’ve been eyeing/wanting for the year all in one go.

This year, I am more selective with the books I buy— first, it should be a more sustainable purchase. (“Will I want to read it again?” “Will the contents of this book be a good addition to me as a person?”) Second, it must be something that I wanted for quite some time, meaning no to impulse buying! With these two points in mind, here is my haul!

First on the list is The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt. This children’s book has been on my Book Depository wishlist for the longest time. I fell in love with the cover and the cute illustration right away! When I saw this in the book fair, I read it quickly (the story is silly and touching, exactly what I love about children’s books!) and added it to my cart.

The second and third thing would be Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan and The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

For RPP, I’ve been waiting patiently for the small-sized paperback to come out. I’ve read this book (ebook) twice, and am in love with the whole series (I even met Kevin Kwan during his book signing last year!) I’m so happy to finally have the complete set at home!

As for The Alchemist, I’ve been curious about this book for the longest time, but never really got to (or really wanted to) pick it up until last month. I’ve heard so many good things about this book and it has been recommended to me a few times—can’t wait to get into reading it!

The fourth and fifth books are Things are What You Make of Them: Life Advice for Creatives by Adam J. Kurtz and Spark Joy: an Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organizing and Tidying Up by Marie Kondo.

I’ve been wanting to read Adam’s book for quite some time, as I’m a fan of his work. I’m so happy to finally own his book (and I’ve browsed it briefly—I love it.)

As for Spark Joy, I’ve been Marie Kondo’d from her other book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I can say that my space is cleaner and I feel happier after tidying up things that made my life more difficult in the past. Since her first book created such an impact on me, I wanted to read her second book even more to really get into the topic of tidying and living a better life.

Finally, the last book I got is…Hamilton: The Revolution!

I’m not sure if it’s obvious, but I am a huge theatre nerd (but I still have a ton of shows to catch up on!) I’ve been wanting to own a copy of this book for several months already. Every time I go to the bookstore, I’d read a page or two and browse through it—only to return it back sadly. I made myself wait for the book fair to really get a better price for the book. And now that I have it, I am beyond happy! I’ve already read a chapter, and I’m so pleased to see so much insight behind the musical and Lin-Manuel’s mind. (I got an idea already from the Hamilton documentary, but this book is so much more in depth!)

Moving on to the non-book items. (Actually, most of my money went to buying Christmas gifts—hello friends, hehe—so this part of the haul may not look like much.) I got a new brush pen in the color brown (I have it in navy blue, and am loving the feel of the pen!), a washi tape (I got it for free after spending an X amount, hehe), a Pilot 100th anniversary bear (again, I got it after spending an X amount as well), and a tape stamp (actually, I’m not exactly sure what to call this for now—tape stamp will do!)

That’s my haul for this year! If you want to see last year’s haul, click here!

Did you go to the book fair this year? What books did you get? And do you have any book recommendations for me?

‘Till the next blog post,


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