Instant Memories in Osaka

A little background: on my trip to Osaka earlier this year, I bought two instant/disposable cameras. I gave one to my little sister, Hannah (who is 7-years-old) and kept one for myself. I challenged her to take photos of what she found interesting or moments she wanted to keep. I followed this prompt and excitedly took photos carefully. I watched Hannah take photo after photo of everything. It wasn’t long until she ran out of shots. Not wanting to buy a new one, I gave her my camera to use up the remaining shots available.

After the trip, I was curious about the outcome of our photos and finally, finally after several months, I got the photos developed and scanned. I picked the best ones from the trip and wanted to share some of them here. [Note: none of these photos were color corrected.]

I took this photo just outside the Fushimi Inari Taisha—I love how the colors just pop out here!

Hannah took this photo—
I love how warm the photo feels and I like how the color pops out on the hair of the lady on the right!)

I took this photo of my sister running under the tori gates and—

I asked my brother to take this photo of me (because Hannah would be too short, haha!)

I took this photo from the near the shrine (I like how the light really shines, figuratively and literally, in this photo.)

Hannah took this nice family photo of us!

Hannah also took this photo of a takoyaki vendor—ugh, I’m craving for some good takoyaki!

I took this photo of Hannah on our Tombori River Cruise—hehe she looks so cute!

And, finally, the famous Glico Man! (I’m not really sure who took this, maybe Hannah did?)

I admit, the photos are not the best, but we had so much fun taking these photos. In fact, I might make it a new tradition between my sister and me whenever we travel to Japan (or to any other place that would sell these cameras. It’s interesting to see the different perspectives of a child and, well, me—a child-at-heart, haha! I mostly focused on the composition of the photos while Hannah just took photos of whatever she found interesting.

I can’t wait for my next Japan trip to take more beautiful photos (hint, hint: I’ll be going early next year!)

‘Till the next blog post,

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