That’s a Wrap: Graduation (Part 2)

Here’s part two of my “That’s a Wrap” blog post; to read part one, which is about my thesis, click here! (Also, by the time you’ll read this, I’ve been “unemployed” for a little over a month, haha! Quotation marks on “unemployed” because I technically work for the family businesses + freelance for now…so…sorta unemployed?) If you’ve read part one and are here for part two, thank you for sticking around!

GRADUATION – October 13, 2018
Just like that, I’m done with school. I admit it’s been difficult for me to grasp that I don’t have to write papers, study for exams, or do projects anymore. I’ve always enjoyed learning and college brought out the nerd in me; I loved taking notes, buying stationery, organizing my thoughts into an essay, graded recitation, the readings. When I first entered university, I remember one of my professors telling me, “Life in college is like a fantasy or even a utopia.” Only now, when I don’t have classes to attend or schoolwork to do, did I understand what he meant.

In college, I felt like—for the first time in my life—I am my authentic self. I studied hard, made mistakes, pursued my interests, and made lifetime memories and friendships. I was so used to living in this bubble in high school; what we’re required to study and do regardless of our interests. I was such a frustrated artist in high school—I wanted to pursue writing and arts, but I didn’t get the opportunity to really get into either until I got to college. I was surprised by the amount of freedom I got and, for the first time in my life, I met people with the same goals and ambitions in my course. I felt like I belonged.

Finally finished all my required units!

I was able to achieve so much in the short four years I’ve had in De La Salle University. I was able to write stories and see it as a short film, study abroad, take part in internships, write a book, and so much more. I am incredibly grateful for my experiences.

Thank you for the four incredible years, DLSU!

A few days after graduation, I experienced “fresh grad woes”—what was I doing with my life? What will I do next? Did I do everything that I could in university? All of these doubts and questions piled up and I didn’t get any answers as the days went on. I jumped right into working for my family as well (and the office is just located at home, so I’ve become a total hermit, haha.) I admit I was incredibly sluggish and lazy for the first two weeks. I kept thinking, I want to take a break! I just graduated; I deserve some rest, at least. I was hardheaded and didn’t like to jump right into work right away.

First time trying on my toga!

It was only a week or two later did I get my answers through realization. There is no time for doubt or lazing around. In order for me to get my answers and really achieve what I wanted to achieve, I just simply have to work. I have to work hard and go through every day to get to the point that I need to be in later in life. I have to grab every opportunity and just make it work.

Some of the people who made an impact on my academic journey in DLSU!

And, above all, I must remember to stay true to myself. If there’s anything that I learned in college, it’s this: to be brave. I’ve learned to be brave and take chances: apply for that program, talk to that person in line, volunteer for that event, or say ‘yes’ for once to something you’ve constantly run away from. I constantly have to remind myself that I’m still 20-years-old. I don’t have to race to get to Point B just yet. I need to take life one step at a time.

My journey so far! (Nursery-High School-College)

My academic journey may end now (who knows?) but I know there’s still a long road ahead of me, and I can’t wait to pursue the adventure that is set out for me.

‘Till the next blog post,

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