Papa Didi’s Ice Cream Subscription

I’ve been waiting for months to finally write this blog post!

A few months ago, I read this article on about a local ice cream subscription. Of course, with no hesitation, I signed up—I love ice cream, after all, and I’m pretty adventurous when it comes to food. I was ready to have three months of sweet ice cream bliss. The ice cream that arrived were all random and I arranged for it to be delivered on the first day it was available; so every 21st of the month, I got two pints of ice cream from Papa Didi’s. I’ve never tried Papa Didi’s before, but I’ve heard good things about it and I had high expectations with the ice cream.

Right on the dot, I got my first two pints on the 21st of November.

I was pleasantly surprised when I received the ice cream because it was still intact after delivery! The ice cream was still frozen and ready to eat. Opening the box, I was happy to find a letter that accompanied the ice cream—take a look:

Honestly, when I read the word “coffee” I happy face sank a bit because I’m not too fond of coffee ice cream (same goes with mint and pistachio—sorry!) but nevertheless, I was willing to give it a go. The letter was endearing and I found myself invested in the story that went behind the makings of the chosen flavor of the month.

I scooped a small portion in a bowl and tried it out—it’s delicious! The coffee and the chocolate bits balanced out well and I found myself reaching for the ice cream scooper for another serving. (My aunt was intrigued by this ice cream subscription, so I gave her my other pint.)

Less than two weeks later, the pint of ice cream turned empty and I found myself eagerly waiting for next month’s flavor.

Right on the dot, the next ice cream flavors arrived on the 21st of December. I wasn’t at home when it was delivered, so as soon as I got home, I headed for the freezer to sample it (nevermind the fact that it was already 11PM!) I dragged my brother into this ice cream tasting, too—HAHA!

We read the letter of the month together and was excited by what we saw! We love milk, and having four-in-one? It was like a dream come true. We fell in love with the ice cream as soon as we tasted it. It was creamy, but not overwhelming, with the right touch of sweetness and a slight coconut milk aftertaste. We ate half of the pint before I suggested that we should have some self-control, haha!

Looks like a little heart on top of the ice cream!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep up this ice cream subscription forever, so when the final month of my subscription arrived, it was a bittersweet delivery. After stuffing myself over the holidays (oops), the final note to end the feast was a nice and cool dessert:

The final letter!

For the final month, we got a chocolatey (and rhum-y?) treat! It was delicious and it wasn’t too sweet or thick, with just the right amount of oomph to it. The rhum added a nice little aftertaste, too.

Out of the three flavors, my favorite would have to be the Quatro Leches! I’d definitely buy a pint (or a larger size) in the future if it is up for sale! If you want to sign up for their ice cream subscription (which I do recommend!) it’s Php 650 a month for a three-month subscription, Php 625 a month for a six-month subscription, Php 600 a month for a nine-month subscription, and Php 550 a month for a year. Click here to sign up for their subscription!

(By the way, this blog post is not sponsored at all! I just genuinely enjoyed receiving mystery ice cream every month, haha!)

‘Till the next blog post,

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