Instant Memories of 2019

I finally had my latest instant camera film developed and scanned. As compared to my previous roll, this one lasted me almost three months before I finally finished up all the film inside. I was able to bring it with me to Japan during my “hooray-we-finally-graduated” trip last March and my trip to Seoul last April. Shockingly, I didn’t even use it up during the two trips (mind you, this camera had just around 30 shots, too!) I was surprised with how sparingly I was using the instant camera. Maybe I’ll use it more generously next time.

Anyway, here are some of the best/cleanest shots from the roll!
(Note: None of these images were edited/color corrected aside from resizing it + adding my logo!)

Some shots from my Japan trip:

Alecca took this photo in our Osaka hostel—we were in the lobby/common room for hostel guests.

Alecca took this photo of me in USJ, behind the Flying Snoopy ride (which was closed for the day.)

Took this quick photo of Alecca (L) and Nicole (R) while we were waiting in line at USJ!

Took this photo at the Fushimi Inari Village. (Loving the pop of blue from the man on the left, haha!)

Took this cute photo of Nicole just before she was going to hang up her wish.

Alecca took this photo of me—quickly while there were no people in the shot!

Beautiful photo of the Itsukushima Shrine/the “floating” tori gate.

Taking a photo of the deer on its best angle.

The view from the top of Mt. Misen. Wow.

Cool snap with the blue-green view from the top.

The Itsukushima Shrine/tori gate during low tide.

En route to Rabbit Island.

Little rabbit sighting!

Here are a few photos from my South Korea trip:

Riding the ferry to Nami Island.

Flags proudly displayed around the boat.

Calm waters of the Han River.

Serenity by the river.

And, that’s it! These are the photos that are salvageable—I’m happy with how they turned out and can’t wait to take more photos in the future (for future trips.) I need more practice, for sure.

‘Till the next blog post,

P.S. I finally purchased a plan + domain for my site, yey! After five years of writing here, I’m glad to finally take the plunge and create a new milestone in this blog. Thank you to YOU for sticking around and reading my stories. Here’s to more years of new memories.

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