Big Bad Wolf Book Fair Haul (2019)

It’s time for another book haul!

I first went to the Big Bad Wolf Book Fair last year with one of my best friends, Nicole. I’d won VIP tickets and we excitedly went book shopping before class that day (it was really convenient that the book fair location is near our university!) The Big Bad Wolf Book Fair is easily one of the best book fairs I’ve been to. The books offered were all interesting (not to mention very cheap!)

This year, they announced that they will be holding their book fair in Pampanga, which is easily accessible to me via the highway from where I live. I tried out for their VIP Day contest again and won! I invited my aunt, my sister, and our driver to tag along (each pass is good for two people) and off we went.

The VIP tickets—it looks so nice!

Coming to the book fair, I prepared a specific budget and didn’t really have specific books to look for. For me, the Big Bad Wolf Book Fair specifically is a chance for me to discover new and wonderful books.

The entrance to the book fair!

Not surprisingly, there were a lot of people at the book fair. (And this was VIP day! What more when it opens to the public the next day?) After around 2-3 hours of going around gathering books, we finally finished our shopping and left the events place.

Lots of people and books inside!

Without further adieu, here is my haul for this year’s Big Bad Wolf Book Fair:

First up is The Worrier’s Guide to Life by Gemma Correll. I got it at a great price of Php 230 (around $4.50.) The eye-catching title interested me, but the wonderful illustration inside made me buy it.

The second book I got is Flat Illustration by Carolina Amell. I got this book for Php 420 (around $8.24)—which is a good price for a hardcover full-colored design book! I love books on design and am currently interested in illustration. This book was perfect and I can see it giving me a lot of art-spiration for future use.

Next up is Specs for Rex by Yasmeen Ismail. I got this book for Php 160 (around $3.14)—which is a steal! Usually, international children’s books are more expensive locally. I was immediately drawn to the illustration and fell in love with the story and the adorable characters.

The fourth book I got is Plumdog by Emma Chichester Clark. Can you imagine a thick, fully illustrated, and colored book would just cost me Php 190 (around $3.73)?! As a dog lover (and dog owner!), I automatically gravitate towards dog-related literature (HAHA!) When I leafed through this book, I was caught by the cute concept. It’s basically a dog named Plum and this book is like his little diary.

Last, but not least, would be this Snoopy book What’s Wrong with Dog Lips? I always look forward to hunting down Snoopy/Peanuts books at the Big Bad Wolf book fair because of its incredible price. I got this for just Php 190 (around $3.73!)

All-in-all, I am happy to say that I spent below my budget and I bought a few gifts for friends (which I didn’t include here for obvious reasons, hehe.) That’s about it for my BBWBF experience! Now, it’s time to save up for the Manila International Book Fair!

‘Till the next blog post,

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