MIBF 2019 Book Haul

Hello, it’s been a while!

Lately, I’ve been busy with work (a welcome thing compared to earlier this year when I was uninspired to work or do anything really)—but the next few months are full of adventure and events, which I’m excited to share with you! For now, I’ll share with you my MIBF (Manila International Book Fair) haul this year. I’ve posted my haul every year since 2015, and it’s nice to see how my tastes have evolved. I’ve been more and more conscious of book-buying every year. I ask myself questions like “Will I read this more than once?” “Will I want this to be on my shelf for several years?” “Will this book add to my being or not?” Armed with these questions, I went to the book fair with a list of book-investments I’d want to purchase.

First, I got the 75th-anniversary edition of Edith Hamilton’s Mythology. I first read this book in my first or second year in high school (nearly 7 years ago?!) and fell in love with the stories. I got myself a copy at a local second-hand bookstore and reread it once every so often when I get the urge to jump into the world of gods and Greek tragedy.

Look how beautiful the cover is!

Gorgeous illustration inside!

I can’t wait to re-read the stories one of these days!

My older, worn-out copy of the book!

The second thing I purchased is Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird story visualized through a graphic novel. I first encountered this book when my dad gave me a copy of the book, telling me that “this is my favorite book”—unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to read it yet, but I want to! When I saw this graphic novel, I knew I wanted to get it to really visualize and get into the story. I’ve read reviews about this graphic novel and they were pretty positive, so I have great expectations (heh) of this!

Inside the book!

The third thing I bought has been on my book wishlist every year. I’ve only had the courage to buy it this year! I’ve read and reread the Percy Jackson series almost every year since fifth grade—and I still fall in love with the stories and its characters every time I read it. It’s like I get a taste of my childhood every time I reread the series. When I first read this, Percy Jackson and his friends were older than me. Now, I’m older than all the characters in this series. Time really flies! I still have the older edition of the series (lovingly worn out)—they say that you know you really like a series if you get it in different editions. I want this Percy Jackson and the Olympians boxed set to last, for sure.

The book that started it all!

Fun fact: The first time I read this series, I read the first four books in one sitting. I sat on the couch one-afternoon reading book after book from noon to 6PM. I couldn’t put it down! Just as I finished the fourth book, I realized that I didn’t own the final book—which was absolute torture! Fortunately, I was able to get the final book of the series a few weeks later.

One of the best things about the book set is this free poster!

I’m unbelievably happy.

Those were all the books I got! Next up would be some stationery items (which consists of mostly pens, heh.)

What I got: Artline marker for laundry, Caran d’ache 888 ballpoint pen, Caran d’ache travel brush (medium), and a Blackwing pearl pencil

Got this whole set for Php 250 (almost USD 5)—which is not a bad price!

Close up of the pen set!

Got several Panfix tapes (buy 6, take 1 deal!) and a large washi tape!

That’s it for this year’s haul! I’m happy with my purchases and I look forward to reading and cherishing each item I got. Do you have any book recommendations for me? Leave a comment below!

‘Till the next blog post,
Sophie 🙂

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