PaperCon 2019 Haul!

Two weeks ago, I worked at PaperCon under Abbey’s booth with two volunteers: Trina (who so happens to be a friend from college) and Nice (a new friend, yey!) It was ultimately a rewarding experience—we had so much fun manning a booth and talking to the customers! Before it got too busy, I was able to take a couple of photos of the event:

It still amazes me that people lined up around 2-3 hours before the event itself to get a hold of the VIP ticket (which was limited to 200 only!) Salute to you guys for bracing the hot weather and standing up for so long, haha.

Just look at that line!

Setting up (a.k.a. the calm before the storm.)

At 10:00AM on the dot, the doors officially opened, and a swarm of people entered. We were selling stationery and books left and right, and we didn’t realize how much time has passed until one of us called for a lunch break!

Team ABC! (L-R: Abbey, me, Trina, and Nice + special mention to Auntie Z for helping us out!)

We took turns taking breaks and going around when it wasn’t too busy. Actually, before PaperCon, I already had an idea of what I wanted to buy (from stalking the online shops of each seller, haha!)—and I’m proud to say that I stayed within my budget. Now, on to my haul!

Cute PaperCon ticket!

First up are things I got from Kaila/@rainbowholic! I got a cute rainbow enamel pin I’ve been eyeing from her shop for the longest time:

What a cute rainbow pin!

Then I got a copy of My Valiant Japanese (Vol. 1)—I’m trying my best to study Japanese independently, and I’m sure that this book is going to help a lot! (Aiming to take the JLPT next year, hehe.)

Been wanting to grab a copy ever since it got released—I had it signed by Kaila and Chichi!

I was able to snag two washi tapes: one being Kaila’s original design, the rainbow washi, and the other one is the ABC x Rainbowholic washi collaboration called Dare to Dream:

So pretty!

I also got a small pen case from Noted Journal PH—I was so happy to finally get one of these (and at a discount, too!) It matches the TN cover that I got from them a while back, too. I was lucky to get it as it was the last one in this color!

I can now bring my pens in an easier and more organized way!

I’m happy to finally buy a couple of things I’ve been eyeing from @chichilittle for forever!

Couldn’t resist!

Auuugh! These are just too cute.

In LOVE with this print of Sophie and Howl (from Howl’s Moving Castle!)

I also got my hands on Everyday Explorer‘s Calendar Days clear stamps—perfect for the Day-Free Hobonichi I’ll be purchasing next month!

Can’t wait to use them!

Happy to add this Eden Street sticker sheet to my collection:

Perfect for an instant pick-me-up!

Speaking of stickers, I’m loving these clear stickers from Kitkat/@shopdaymaker!

Loving the colors, gah!

You bet that this awesome print by Kitty/@kittyjardenil is on my wall now.

Gorg print!

I also got this adorable Philippine-inspired postcard by Kara of @karagami!

I can’t resist things with little cute faces on them!

Last, but not least, I got a bunch of PaperCon merch!

“There’s no such thing as too much stationery.” (I agree.) [TY, Abbey, heehee.]

That’s pretty much it! After 7PM, we started packing up and fixing our things before we eventually parted ways with promises to meet again in the future.

Couldn’t have done it without these ladies, for sure!

I still can’t believe that the event is over, it happened so fast! Can’t wait for next year’s PaperCon (fingers crossed it happens!) I’m happy with how everything turned out—it’s always a great experience to be a part of something like this.

What’s funny is that the day after PaperCon, I got sick and had to stay in bed the whole day. It’s just a good thing that my body held out until after PaperCon, lol. (I actually binged watched Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, so it wasn’t that bad, haha! I’m still not over it, huhu. Such a great show!)

That’s about it for now! Just wanted to quickly thank you guys for reading through my stories; I appreciate every reader!

‘Till the next blog post,
Sophie 🙂

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