Hobonichi 2020 Haul (ほぼ日 2020)

The last Hobonichi update I’ve done was way back in 2018. After a “Hobonichi 2019 Haul” last year, I haven’t posted anything since then.

The truth is that after tons of spreads filled top to bottom in my 2018 Hobonichi, I got burnt out and felt tired to write or fill up my 2019 Hobonichi. It’s sad to see that my pages aren’t as inspiring or they aren’t as fun to do like my 2018 Hobonichi. While I do fill up pages and some spreads from time to time, I didn’t enjoy it as much.

Sad, but not discouraged, I decided that for 2020, I would be getting a Day-Free Hobonichi so that I won’t be restricted to the number of pages (or the lack thereof) I use for the year—this way, I’ll only record those moments in the year that are truly meaningful to me! Wish me luck! Now, on with the haul:

This year’s box is larger than last year’s and when I saw it, I got really excited!

(insert angels singing here)

The first thing from my haul would be the Cover on Cover, which I got it in the sizes of A6 and in Weeks.

For this year’s cover, I picked Blink by Daisuke Soshiki. When I first saw it, I was immediately drawn to it because it reminded me so much of children’s book illustrations. What’s great about this purchase is that a portion of the sales, of this cover specifically, will be donated to a Japanese animal rescue shelter and will be used for animal welfare—yey!

So cute! It’s like they’re staring into your souls, haha.

If you look inside, you’ll see this cute little detail! If you look behind the flap, it says: “なんでもない日. おめでとう.”—which, in my rusty Japanese, roughly means “Nothing day. Congrats.” Haha!


Here’s a close-up photo of the cover, wrapped with the Cover on Cover on top.

As I’ve mentioned above, my chosen Hobonichi for this year is the Day-Free in A6. Can’t wait to use it!

Excited to fill up all the blank pages!

For my planner next year, I’ve decided to give the Hobonichi Weeks a try. I’m a little apprehensive with this planner because I’ve always used a monthly-view spread (thank you, MUJI planners)—so this is something new to me! The design I got for this is called Tokyo Tower (by Bow & Tie.) I LOVE the texture and feel of this. It’s actually made by the same fabric as neckties!

I’m a sucker for navy blue. The little cute Tokyo Towers design completely sold me, though.

Close up photo of the Weeks with the Cover on Cover.

The Weeks came with a clear corner pocket sticker, which I placed on the first page of the planner.

Yey for functionality!

Alongside the Weeks, I got a pencil board for writing. I’ve always wanted to purchase this Yes/No Pencil Board because of how cute and simple the design is. I’ve used the same pencil board for my A6 Hobonichi and didn’t feel like buying a new one, as it still is like new, so I’m glad I finally have an excuse to buy a new pencil board in this design.



I always bring my planner around wherever I go, so I thought that this Rivet Band Laccio would be perfect for keeping my Weeks from opening whenever I would throw it in my bag when I go out. I’m not a big fan of bringing huge pouches for their pens and planners, so this is great.

I got it in Classic x Dark Brown!

Not pictured, I bought a Hobonichi Keeper from a local seller early this year. It’s a great tool for people who don’t like to flip through previous pages and immediately get to where they last left off. I’ll be using the Keeper for my Day-Free this year.

Finally, this year’s freebies! Since I ordered two planners/notebooks, I got two Uni 3-Color Jetstream Ballpoint Pen (which I then gave to my mom and my aunt since I’m still using my 2019 one.) I also got a pack of Hyakunin-isshu—which is a Japanese poetry playing card game. I think this would be a good opportunity for me to practice my Japanese! I can’t wait to play through it.

Last, but not least, are the paper inserts I’ve found inside the Hobonichi packaging. It includes a small comic of how to use a Hobonichi and a card that has a QR code for their social media pages.

That’s my set-up for next year! I don’t know about you, but whenever I get my planner for the new year ahead, I feel excited and ready to tackle the next year. What planners are you guys using next year? Are you using a Hobonichi, like me? If so, what are your experiences with it? Leave a comment below and I’ll get to it right away!

‘Till the next blog post,

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